League of Legends Streamer Banned by Riot After Held Hostage in Game

The League of Legends streamer Kim 'Kkual' So-Hyun was "held hostage" in a match with stream snipers. The game lasted for three hours and ended with many reports leading to her being banned from the game.

If you thought that playing with annoying teammates was rough, get a load of this streamer. Being stuck with stream snipers left her with a 14-day ban from Riot Games... Even though she did nothing wrong.

We are unsure as to whether the stream snipers suffered any consequences, but Kim definitely did. Here's what went down for one of the most painful League of Legends matches to be streamed.

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The most painful match of League of Legends ever

Kim 'Kkual' So-Hyun experienced one of the worst streams sniped in recorded history. The unfortunate League of Legends streamer suffered at the hands of two teammates and two enemies at the same time.

The game was dragged on by the four snipers and carried on for over three hours. Kim couldn't even leave because she didn't want to face the AFK penalty which is given when a player leaves the game.

Screengrab of the game results League of Legends
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This only made it worse for her, as she was focused solely on by the trollers. Everyone else not participating left the game which meant that she racked up 120+ deaths.

What are the consequences?

Unfortunately for Kim, the four players also reported her, probably for inting. This left her with a 14-day ban from Riot despite her doing nothing wrong. Even more strange, the match in question didn't appear in her game history. This means she couldn't get proof to show it was her who had been griefed.

SYlas from League of Legends
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As of the date of this article, there is no information if the snipers were punished. But for putting her through three hours of hell? We hope they were.

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