League of Legends Spotlight: Who is Tyler1?

League of Legends, Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, has a colourful past as a pro gamer and streamer. The North American streamer has broken many records in the community and is well-loved by fans.

Since the beginning of Tyler's career, he rarely covered anything besides League of Legends. This man is dedicated to his craft and building his persona online has been key to gaining such a large audience.

However, why do Tyler's fans stay so loyal despite his toxic and angry nature? Let's look at his history and the records he has broken.

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Tyler1 summary

  • Real name: Tyler Steinkamp
  • Age: 27
  • Birthday: March 7, 1995
  • Nationality: North American
  • Awards: Best League of Legends Streamer 2022 (The Streamer Awards)
  • Current Organisation: N/A, former T1 player

Where is Tyler1 from?

Tyler1 was born and raised in Missouri, New London. He still lives there today but travels constantly for work. Many other streamers prefer to live in shared accommodation with other streamers. However, Tyler1 prefers his own space and lives alone.

Tyler's early career

Tyler began his career by playing football and sweating it out in the gym. His skill in League of Legends placed him 13th on North America's competitive ladder. This is what kickstarted his career as a League of Legends professional player.

His signature champion was the same as it is now, Draven. Additionally, Tyler preferred the aggression of the ADC role and enjoyed matching his persona to Draven's. That is... arrogant and a little bit rude.

Tyler's popularity started to grow, just as his int list did. This was a list he regularly updated of players who he liekd to troll and cause issues for. "Running it down mid" is a saying that he made popular as he would deliberately run it down mid and die.

When did Tyler get popular?

With his streaming career bursting to life, Tyler began racking up a lot of followers on his Twitch and Youtube. However, his fame seemed to pan out over one night after he got 20k concurrent viewers on Twitch in April 2016.

The weeks that came after that saw his account grow and grow, despite his constant flaming. Similarly to Draven, he enjoyed the attention he gained from being aggressive. He titled himself the "Most Toxic Player in North America" and prided himself on this.

Tyler's bans

All things that go up? Must come down.

Tyler1 seemed unstoppable, a force to be reckoned with in the Rift and on his streams. However, his flaming brought his career to a stop as his account was banned. It seemed that Tyler1 would give up his career for a split second... split being the keyword.

Riot Socrates stated that the streamer is indefinitely banned from playing League of Legends. Any stream which showed the game would lead to more bans. But this did not stop the LoL legend. He has now racked up over 20 banned accounts in his career.

Fans of Tyler felt upset about his band and after years of begging Riot, they finally decided to lift his ban. His first stream completely blew up, getting over 380k concurrent viewers on Twitch and bringing his fame back. However, this came with a catch. Tyler had to refrain from so much toxicity and had to stop losing games on purpose.

Why is Tyler1 so popular?

There is no denying that Tyler is extremely passionate about League of Legends. Even if the passion is put out in the wrong way, it still exists.

Tyler1 as Draven from League of Legends
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This is why his fans are so adoring of the content that he releases. Additionally, his high skill in every role makes for exciting streams to participate in. Lashing out at players perhaps makes his viewers feel relatable. Bad players can make the most humble player lash out, and in that, we find a friend with tyler1.

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