LoL Season 13 - best champions to play in the new season

League of Legends Champions Silhouettes

League of Legends Champions Silhouettes

League of Legends is fully underway and despite some small hiccups, there are a lot of strong champions.

Recent updates with items and champions seem to favour tanks for 2023.

This proposes a particularly high threat to ADCs with anti-heal not providing the desired effects.

Riot Games answered this with some ADC-specific buffs coming in patch 13.2.

But, the tank meta returning is still a huge issue for the game as a whole. However, Riot tries to spin this.

So, in this list of the best champions for season 13, you won't be surprised to find a lot of tanky champions featured.

So, let's look at all of the best champions to play in season 13 of League of Legends and what this means for the current meta.

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Mordekaiser in League of Legends

League of Legends Mordekaiser
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Top lane and the jungle in LoL have really gained popularity since the recent changes to both lanes in season 13.

One of the few champions who can play both pretty successfully is Mordekaiser.

Successful top laners are usually tanks that can also output a lot of damage. Lasting a long time to put out high damage is the key here.

And nobody does either of those things like Mordekaiser.

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Dr Mundo

Dr. Mundo from League of Legends
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Anti-healing items are in need of some serious buffs and as one of the only defences against Dr Mundo?

The odds are very much not in our favour.

Mundo's healing reaches insane levels the longer that a game progresses and the more kills he stacks up.

In patch 12.23 he is the highest-performing champion across all ranks.

Additionally, he is also great fun to play.

Kassadin in League of Legends

Kassadin in League of Legends
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Patch 12.23 of LoL saw a huge spike in Kassadin players due to the rework that he received.

The changes to his early and mid-game stages have made the champion much simpler to play and manage.

He currently has a 52.83% win rate in ranks diamond and higher.


Zac from League of Legends
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Despite Zac's beginnings as a jungler, he has made a prominent mark in the top lane too.

The new season in LoL has meant that his tankiness allows him to thrive in the top lane.

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