LoL: Ranked Season End Date, Rewards, Details, and More

League of Legends ranked season ends very soon and with the closure of season 2022 comes rewards too.

Players will have up until the final minute to play ranked games and earn some goodies whilst taking the W.

So, the season ends on November 14th at 11:59:59 PM.

There are other rewards outside of the ranked system though. Everybody is in with a chance of getting some free content.

So, let's take a look at all of the rewards being given to the League of Legends community to celebrate the end of season 2022!

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Ranked rewards

If you placed Gold or higher this season in either Solo/Duo or Ranked Flex queues you'll receive the Victorious Sejuani skin.

Additionally, Riot will be giving Victorious Sejuani chromas corresponding to each additional tier you hit above Gold in both Solo/Duo and Flex queues.

Victorious Sejuani in LEague of Legends
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Additionally, everyone who finished Ranked placements in Solo/Duo, Flex, or both will receive...

  • Eternals Sejuani Series 1 Permanent
  • Ranked profile icon for your highest rank in both Solo/Duo and Flex queues
  • Ranked profile banner trim.

League of Legends clash rewards

Clash rewards are based on the amount of Victory Points you earned over the course of the season.

However, everyone will receive a Clash Contender Icon for participating in any Clash tournament.


  • Contender Summoner Icon: 100 VP
  • Contender Clash Logo: 400 VP
  • Contender Clash Banner: 1000 VP


  • Conqueror Summoner Icon: 2000 VP
  • Conqueror Clash Logo: 3000 VP
  • Conqueror Clash Banner: 4000 VP


  • Champion Summoner Icon: 5000 VP
  • Champion Clash Logo: 6000 VP
  • Champion Clash Banner: 7000 VP

Honour rewards in League of Legends

Ending the season at honour level 5 means that you will get the Three Honours Malzahar skin.

Three Honours Malzahar in League of Legends
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Additionally, players will also get Malzahar Champion Permanent within four weeks of the season's end.

You’ll also receive an Honor capsule based on your final honour level:

Honour Level 3

  • Honour 3 Capsule
  • Random Ward Skin
  • 3 Key Shards

Honour Level 4

  • Honour 4 Capsule
  • Random Ward Skin
  • Random Emote Permanent
  • 3 Key Shards

Honour Level 5

  • Honour 5 Capsule
  • Random Ward Skin
  • Random Emote Permanent
  • 6 Key Shards


The current batch of seasonal Challenges will stop tracking progress and be retired when the season ends.

However, they will be back with a brand new mix of them for 2023.

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