League of Legends Preseason: A whole new (tilting) world

For all of the major changes Preseason will bring (changes you can get an overview of here, here, here, and here,) things can get a bit stressful. To avoid the tilt, we have to look at how best to approach it.

You're in just the right place. Let's get started.

Mindset over matter

While you'll likely take some lashings amid all of the very powerful new features in League of Legends this Preseason, to avoid the tilt, you'll have to see it as the learning experience grind that it really is.

Every death, every bad engagement, every abdsurd death recap, they're all lessons that you'll know a bit better not to repeat. After all, it's what League of Legends is all about.

The game has evolved so much, even in 2017 alone (though some powerful elements like Ardent Censer remained around,) that entire champion pools rotated in and out of the meta in a single year. As the metas evolve, we all have to take our lumps, and pay our dues to grow. And that includes new content too.

But we aren't alone. 

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