LoL 13.8 Early Patch Notes REVEALED

Lillia from League of Legends

Lillia from League of Legends

League of Legends Patch 13.8 has now had the early patch notes revealed by Riot Games. Patch 13.7 feels like it has only just come out, but Riot has revealed the next batch of changes before MSI 2023.

So, with a focus on balancing and getting the game in order before the esports event kicks off, there's more of a focus on champions. Champions favoured by professional players such as Nidalee, Lillia, and Poppy will all be balanced in this update.

Some changes are also coming to junglers to make them more meta before the event. Besides the new balancing changes, there are also some new cosmetics with the Dawnbreaker and Inkshadow skin lines. So, let's look at what players should expect to see in patch 13.8 of League of Legends.

League of Legends Patch 13.8 Release Date

Wednesday, April 19 2023 is the date to look out for patch 13.8 in League of Legends.

This is sticking to the usual patch cadence for the regular updates in the hugely popular game.

Since the recent cyber-attack on Riot Games, there have been no more delays to the usual patch schedule.

Release times for major regions look like this...

  • 3 am PT (NA)
  • 5 am GMT (EU West)
  • 3 am CET (EU North East)
  • 8 am KR (Korea)

Additionally, servers will go down for three hours before this update goes live. So keep that in mind if you're on for some early League games.

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League of Legends Early Patch Notes for 13.8

Here are the full early patch notes for the next update in the game.

Kha'Zix from League of Legends
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  • R duration increased from seven to 8.5 seconds.

Aurelion Sol

  • Health growth reduced from 95 to 90.
  • Attack range growth reduced from 4.3 to four.


  • Base attack damage increased from 66 to 69.
  • Base armor increased from 36 to 38.


  • W damage increased from 70-190 to 80-200.
  • Ability power ratio increased from 0.5 to 0.6.
  • E decay delay increased from 1.25 to 2.5 seconds.
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Jarvan IV

  • Attack damage growth reduced from 3.4 to three.
  • Q damage reduced from 90-250 to 80-240.


  • Q base damage increased from 60-160 to 70-170.


  • Passive damage increased from 125-550 to 140-650.
  • Q cooldown reduced from eight to seven seconds.
  • E mana cost reduced from 60-100 to 40-100, slow changed from 20-52 percent to 30-50 percent.


  • W bonus armor and magic resist increased from 45-185 to 55-195.
  • Magic damage increased from 45-185 to 55-195.


  • Monster damage cap increased from 50-150 to 50-170.
  • Monster healing increased from 24-75 (plus 5.4 percent ability power) to 39-54 (plus 15 percent ability power).
  • Champion healing increased from 6-120 (plus 18 percent ability power) to 6-90 (plus 30 percent ability power).


  • W’s first auto-attack base damage reduced from 30-90 to 30-70.
  • W cleave armor ratio reduced from 20 to 15 percent.


  • Base armor increased from 28 to 32.
  • Armor growth increased from 4.7 to five.
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  • Q target health damage increased from eight to nine percent.
  • W bonus resistances increased from 10 to 12 percent (24 percent under 40 percent health).


  • Base armor reduced from 32 to 30.
  • Armor growth reduced from 5.1 to 4.9.


  • Removed from patch.


  • Cosmic Drive changes


  • To be Announced...

League of Legends Systems

  • To be Announced...


  • To be Announced...

Skins in League of Legends

Dawnbringer Skins

  • Dawnbringer Vayne
  • Dawnbringer Renekton
  • Nightbringer Jarvan IV
  • Nightbringer Nasus

Inkshadow Skins

  • Inkshadow Yone
  • Inkshadow Yasuo
  • Inkshadow Master Yi
  • Inkshadow Aurelion Sol
  • Inkshadow Kai'Sa
  • Inkshadow Udyr
  • Inkshadow Volibear

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