LoL Patch 13.4 Preview - Riot to target ranged supports and junglers

Maokai from League of Legends

Maokai from League of Legends

League of Legends patch 13.4 has had its full early patch notes revealed by Riot Games.

Some of the more interesting changes are coming to ranged supports and scaling junglers.

Both of these have caused some big issues for LoL players all around the world.

Thinking of strong supports we look to champions such as Lux or Veigar, and the impact both of these have had on the bot lane is pretty big.

So, with Riot focussing on these smaller sections of gameplay, it seems that the game will once again become a little balanced.

Especially with the announcement of the temporarily disabled Aurelion Sol. The game is looking up for the time being.

So, let's look at what changes will be coming in patch 13.4 of League of Legends and how these focuses will affect gameplay for all.

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Riot Phroxzon and the Scoop on Jungler Nerfs in Patch 13.4

Once again, Riot Phroxzon, Matt-Leung Harrison have given us the scoop on what we should expect to see in this patch.

The majority of the nerfs coming in this patch are going directly to the jungle champions in the game.

Additionally, Matt explained that some of their focuses were...

"balancing optimal jungle pathing, addressing early snowballing & flattening some healing"

So, it's looking like that early season 13 jungle buffs are getting a bit of a makeover to fit in the current meta.

What League of Legends Junglers are Getting Nerfs

Here are the junglers which we should expect to be nerfed in this new League of Legends patch.

  • Jax
  • Maokai
  • Elise
  • Amumu
  • Udyr

Item Changes Affecting Ranged Supports

There are a fair few item changes in this patch which will have an indirect effect on supports who are more ranged.

Items such as Spell thief's Edge are getting some pretty big nerfs, meaning that more close-quarters supports will have the advantage.

Lux in League of Legends
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This ties in pretty directly with the recent buffs to Nautilus and Alastair.

So, it seems that Riot is focussing on up close and personal fights to try and balance out the long-reigning supreme power of ranged champions.

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