LoL Patch 13.3 Release Date - date, time, and what to expect

Annie from League of Legends

Annie from League of Legends

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The full early patch notes for League of Legends patch 13.3 have now been revealed by Riot Games.

But, the community are still wondering when these changes will go live and what to expect.

The focus on bot lane has been made more obvious recently with the buffs coming to the support role and champions in the game.

So, with a focus on the bottom lane, it seems that Riot is finally addressing the tank meta.

Unfortunately, this has been an issue since the durability update and has made ADCs have much less of an effect on the game.

But, with these recent changes to the lane, it seems that tanks and damage dealers are on a similar level.

So, let's look at the release date, time, and what to expect in patch 13.3 in League of Legends.

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League of Legends Patch 13.3 Release Date

Looking at Riot Games' official patch schedule, the release date of the new patch will be soon.

Ahri from League of Legends
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February 8 2023, is the date that all LoL players should be looking out for on their calendars.

However, with the recent cyber-attack on the gaming giant, it is possible that this patch could be delayed slightly.

But, rest assured that Riot will update us every step of the way.

Release Time

Starting in Australia at 10 am, the patch not4es will be released worldwide starting in early February.

The time of the release will differ depending on what time zone you are in.

So, here are some popular time zones and when they will release the new patch in League of Legends.

  • 3 am PT
  • 5 am GMT
  • 3 am CET
  • 6 am ET

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What to Expect in the new League of Legends Patch

The full early patch notes of the game have now been revealed by the gaming giant.

But, there is also some new content and changes coming to the game too.

League of Legends Nautilus
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Ahri's ASU is amongst some of the new content which looks exciting for players of the mid-lane.

Annie was also supposed to get some new changes, but according to the early patch notes, these may have been scrapped.

There are also some big changes coming to the support role and champions too.

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