League of Legends Wrapped 2022 - How find your Recap of the year

League of Legends 2022

League of Legends 2022

League of Legends is now finally into Season 13, with a new year of ranked underway and a new season of Esports just around the corner. Despite a disappointing start with Brink of Infinity, there's plenty to look forward to, with new champions and much more on the way.

If you're keen to recap everything you accomplished in 2022, or just want to remind yourself to get out of gold, there's now a way to relive your year. Here's everything you need to know about lol wrapped in 2022, and how to see yours.

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League of Legends Wrapped 2022

Wrapped has been a particularly popular trend this year, following on from the success of Spotify, and many big names have followed suit. Twitch is one of the more mainstream platforms to do so, but even Leaguepedia has provided us with a recap of the year.

League of Legends Season 2023
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Unfortunately, there is no official League of Legends wrapped to see how you did in 2022. However, that certainly hasn't stopped fans from wanting one, and now they've created one of their very own.

It might now have the same production value as some others, but if you're keen to get a taste of how much you played last year, there is an answer. Head to https://leaguewrapped.vercel.app/ and type in your summoner name to see a short recap video.

How to see your 2022 stats

While there isn't an official League of Legends wrapped, you can still see a breakdown of last year's stats in-game. This remains a great way to see how you can improve and climb to the rank you want in 2023.

In the client, head to Profile - Stats and select Season 2022 from the drop-down menu. You'll be able to see overall stats, and more detailed ones by champion provided you've played at least three games on them in the previous season.

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