LoL Jungle Preseason 2023: Buff Sharing, Chemtech Drake, New Pings, and More

A preseason video update from Riot Games has highlighted all the changes coming up in League of Legends. However, one of the biggest changes is the jungle role.

The jungle role has been in a state of decay for a while now. However, Riot Games are always aware of these issues and are making some huge changes to the role. They want to focus on moving the jungle position away from a place of dislike. Riot plan to do this by simplifying the role and adding some helpful guides for any new junglers.

Here are all of the changes coming to the game and how they will affect the meta.

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Making clearing jungle camps easier

One of the biggest issues for junglers is the jungle clear. It's not just looking at the speed it's done in, but also the rotation, order and how much mana it will take. Even the placement of your champion can affect the speed of the clears. Riot is trying many different ways to make the jungler's life easier.

Enhanced League of Legends ping system

The ping system is 'showing its age' as said by Riot's Phroxzon in the Preseason video. The basic nature of the system is lacking for the complex game that is League of Legends.

League of Legends new pings
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CALL OUTS: New pings are coming to League of Legends

The new system will include pings for...

  • Engage
  • Assist Me
  • Harass
  • Enemy Missing
  • Freeze
  • Danger
  • Push

Those last two pings are going to prove especially useful for a bot lane who isn't in a duo. However, overall the pings look like a great improvement.

Jungle buff sharing in preseason

One for me... One for you.

League of Legends red buff
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SHARING IS CARING: Buff sharing will shake up how junglers work with their teams

Sharing buffs with teammates can sometimes leave a jungler behind. The loss of gold and XP can really hit at a jungler's mid-game. So, Riot is changing this. They are looking at having buffs leaving behind a pet who can be used as a buff... am I hearing Sated Devourer pt.2?

Chemtech drake returns

Everyone's favourite drake is coming back to the game! However, the new dragon now gives extra damage and a damage reduction when the player is low in health.

League of Legends chemtech drake
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TAKE FLIGHT: The infamous Chemtech drake is back once more

The plants on the map will also get a buff as vision can be used in a circle instead of a cone. Blast cone is also getting a huge overhaul. players will be able to move from blue buff to mid-lane with a single click.

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