League of Legends - Jax Mid-Scope Update Revealed for 2023

Jax mid-scope update League of Legends

Jax mid-scope update League of Legends

A couple of weeks after confirming that Jax and Rell are next in line for a mid-scope updates, the developers over at Riot Games have revealed the changes coming for one of League of Legends' oldest top laners, Jax.

Set to release with the first update of the 2023 season, LoL 13,1, the update will be on "the smaller side," focusing on "making his ult more exciting/interesting to cast."

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Jax Mid-Scope Update Revealed for 2023

Shown off by Lead Champion Designer at Riot Games August Browning via a Twitter post, Jax's changes, although minor compared to other champion mid-scope updates, will focus on his Counter Strike, his E, and his ultimate, Grandmaster's Might.

The goal of these adjustments will be to have his ultimate spell more exciting and rewarding—possibly making the infamous AP Jax build viable once again. On top of that, Jax's ability icons, some of his VFX, and SFX will be updated as well.

Additionally, players could possibly look forward to a secret passive that the developer noted as a "fishing mini game."

Here are the numbers for Jax's mid-scope update.

Passive - Relentless Assault

Q - Leap Strike

  • Unchanged

W - Empower

  • Unchanged

E - Counter Strike

  • Damage: 55-155 (+50% bonus AD) physical damage ⇒ 55-175 + 4% max health (+100% AP) magic damage
  • Damage Bonus Per Attack Dodged: 20% of total damage ⇒ 20% of base damage

R - Grandmaster's Might

  • [Passive] Damage: 100/140/180 _+70% AP) ⇒ 100-150 (+60% AP)
  • [Passive} Added VFX and SFX when passive attack is ready
  • [NEW Active] Jax swings his lantern around him, dealing 150-350 (+100% AP) magic damage to nearby enemies. If he hits a champion he gains 10-40 (+.1 Bonus AD) Armor and Magic Resist, plus 14-22 (+.1 Bonus AD) per champion hit for the next 8 seconds. During this time the passive damage applies every 2nd attack instead of every 3rd.
  • [NEW Active] New Animation and VFX

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