League of Legends Heals and Shields to Get Dramatic Rework

Healing and shields will become less favourable in the next few patches of League of Legends.

The recent durability update in League of Legends has had lasting effects on the community. Simply changing one aspect has altered the way in which summoners play the game.

Consequently, this change has meant healing and shielding in League of Legends have become too strong. Riot has noticed this as fast as ever and is implementing changes over the next few patches to make the game fairer.

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Riot's League of Legends announcement

In Riot's recent game thoughts, they stated

"To speak to the current state of Grievous Wounds (GW), we’re striving to make the game balanced around 40% heal reduction. Ideally, GW shouldn’t be something you need to buy every game, but instead should be a situational purchase in games versus 2 or more heavy healing champs. Moving forward, we’re planning to cautiously reduce the strength of healing to be more in line with the state of GW today."

And as usual, Riot has hit the nail on the head. Grievous Wounds is an item which is critical for a lot of champions that are in the game. Healing has become something so strong and common in champions that this is needed every game.

Yuumi from League of Legends
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Yuumi and Soraka have both also received nerfs from Riot to help kick start this nerf on healing and shielding everywhere. Champions like Kayn and Mundo would also be a good hit for the healing content. Perhaps they will be getting nerfs in the upcoming League of Legends patches, but we shall see.

With Riot making big changes left right and centre, the game is beginning to feel very different. But many League of Legends summoners are loving the changes and love the work that Riot is doing.

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