League of Legends: Gothic Skins to be redesigned after fan vote

Riot Games has revealed the revamped Gothic skin line, giving League of Legends players something to truly fear.

Stemming from a player-voted pole earlier this year, it was decided that one of the MOBA's oldest skin lines, the Gothic skin line, was due for a much-needed update. Receiving almost double the votes as the next two lines, Arclight and Infernal, the infamous Gothic skin line which hasn't seen a new skin in over ten years has taken on a new name, Fright Night.

League of Legends Gothic skins get even more Frightening

Unveiled during the latest League of Legends developer blog, the Fright Night skin line puts the scare in scary and the fright in frightening as it makes players tremble in fear. This was

League of Legends: Gothic Skins to be redesigned after fan vote - Fright Night Draven
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Credit: Riot Games
TEXAS CHAINSAW DRAVEN: Draven takes on chainsaws for axes in his Fright Night skin

Featuring champions such as Annie, Draven, Renata Glasc, Trundle, and Urgot, this newfound direction puts the skin line at more of a "serious and dark" look as opposed to its prior "cute and spooky."

Although the developers didn't showcase some of the champions that were a part of the original skin line, Amumu with his Emumu skin and Orianna with her Gothic Orianna skin, they did show off the line's brand-new look, one that will surely grab much attention.

The new look looks to emphasize itself more on the Summoner's Rift, giving more accentuation to its colors, especially its usage of black, something that the Riot developers themselves stated previously as giving them a lot of direction as "there are so many shades of black" for them to try.

Each of the skins that were presented had their own specific colors that combined with black, made their respective distinctive colors pop, Draven red, Renata Glasc with blue, Trundle with orange, and Urgot with Purple.

League of Legends: Gothic Skins to be redesigned after fan vote - Fright Night Urgot
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OOGIE BOOGIE URGOT: Urgot resembles Oogie Boogie ins his Fright Night skin

Seeing as Halloween is just two months away, these new Fright Night skins might be the perfect way for fans and even non-fans to celebrate the spooky holiday.

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