LoL Champion Pricing Update - all changes REVEALED

League of Legends developers has revealed some important information regarding champion price changes coming soon.

As the current champion release schedule has changed, developers feel that the pricing needs to reflect this too.

The main goal is to make it much easier for new players to get champions, especially those who are suited for newer players.

Riot developers feel that the whole process of choosing prices for champions is a bit old and doesn't reflect the company.

So, it's looking like things will get much easier for those newer players and acquiring champions will become easier too.

So, let's look at the full details about these champion pricing updates in League of Legends and see how the developers feel about this.

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How will Champion Pricing Change in League of Legends?

Firstly, newer players will have way more opportunities to unlock champions which are more suited for newer players.

These price changes will help guide folks onto champs they're more likely to enjoy earlier in their games.

Ahri from League of Legends
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So, the new structure will still use the age of the champion to determine their pricing.

However, it's a little more complicated than just that now.

Riot is now focusing on how many seasons the champion has seen rather than how many champions have been released since.

They also plan to keep the existing flow of new champions having an initially higher price point and being discounted after a week.

This comes with an additional discount after two seasons where they’ll be placed in a tier based on the data we see with new and returning players.

Price Changes with VGU's

For any updates that a champion received, their prices will also be reviewed and checked.

This means a champion may get an update and suddenly become cheaper or more expensive.

Depending on whether they're better for new players or not. Also, they are avoiding making champions more expensive if they can avoid it.

Champion Tiers

Here are the pricing and champion tiers.

  • 450 BE / 260 RP - Champions that are awesome for new players. These have a strong fantasy and an approachable kit that our data suggests helps folks find success early. Examples include Malphite, Miss Fortune, and Yuumi.
  • 1350 BE / 585 RP - Champions that are a bit more complex than the lower tier, but still approachable for interested folks. These will have more nuanced skill checks in their play patterns, but maintain reasonable skill floors and have proven to be fan favourites. Examples include Yasuo, Lucian, and Sett.
  • 3150 BE / 790 RP - Champions that have a larger degree of difficulty or specialization in their play. These will often have steeper learning curves to climb before one sees consistent success with them. Examples include LeBlanc, Shaco, and Yorick.
  • 4444 BE / 880 RP - Only perfection and beauty are allowed at this tier. HAHAHAHA.
  • 4800 BE / 880 RP - The majority of the roster will live here.
  • 6300 BE / 975 RP - Champions that have come out in the past two seasons, after which they will move to the tier above after the next season starts.
  • 7800 BE / 975 RP - Champions that have come out in the past week.

Overall, this represents a fairly significant decrease to the BE/RP cost of our roster.

Which should make it easier for players starting their journey to find the fun in League.

Without discounts, this equates to a reduction of 140,606 BE and 14,905 RP for our champion catalogue!

League of Legends Champion Bundles

Riot is also going to roll out new champion bundles that cover a variety of gameplay roles within each tier.

These should be even more cost-effective for players looking to supercharge their early collection.

But like any good system, there are some small exceptions.

Specifically: Singed, Kayle, Twisted Fate, and Ryze.

Singed from League of Legends
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They’re awesome champions that many players enjoy today, but they are not suited for new players.

Their price will be changed to 4800 BE, which is an increase over their existing prices.

But Riot will set and keep their RP prices at 260, to ensure that players who want easier access to them still have it.

Champion Pricing Change Release Date

These changes will roll out in patch 13.5.

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