LoL Black Friday - Will there be a Black Friday event?

League of Legends Black Friday has been a thing of the past with many deals on skins, Riot points, and more.

However, the community are left wondering this year if there will be any more deals coming up.

With Black Friday at the end of this week, LoL players are wondering when they can expect these deals to go live.

There is usually a weekly line-up of skins which are sold at a reduced price. However, Black Friday takes sales one step further.

So, let's look at whether Riot Games will be running a League of Legends Black Friday event in 2022.

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Will There be a Black Friday event in 2022?

So far, Riot games have not made any announcements of whether there will be a Black Friday event this year in 2022.

There have not yet been any leaks that would suggest this is happening either.

So for now, players will have to deal with the sales which are updated weekly in-game.

Unfortunately, it is rather rare that Riot Games do a sale on that specific Friday, so players may end up disappointed.

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Will This Become a Tradition in the Future of the game?

Many fans have discussed whether these sales may become part of the LoL experience.

However, as Riot often have sales on anyway, it wouldn't make much sense to slash prices on that day.

Although, that may change as Cyber Monday is also a big part of the whole sales process.

However, this is all speculation and we haven't had any official confirmation from Riot themselves.

So, until that time, the community can dream!

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