League of Legends: Ashen Knight Sylas Skin REVEALED

League of Legends' resident ultimate stealer, Sylas, is set to join one of the game's Mythic Essence Shop exclusive skin lines, Ashen Knight!

The Unshackled will be joining the likes of Pyke, who was the champion to introduce the line, and Pantheon who was recently added to it in the LoL 12.12 patch.

Sylas Ashen Knight Skin Revealed

Similar to Pyke and Pantheon, Sylas will be donning a darker theme to his look with his brand-new Ashen Knight skin, although the prominent mid-laner might not need more of those tones.

The darker colors will both affect how Sylas himself appears and how his spells and animations perform, adopting a dark purple hue to them. To top it all off, during his recall animation, Sylas seemingly breaks off power from a spiked sword in the ground, infusing him with light, and lifting him in the air as he grows wings out of his back.

This skin is the perfect fit for a character that prides himself in fighting against Demacia alongside other less-than-favored figures in hopes to free them, and the rest of the kingdom's magic users, from the royalty's power.

Players looking to obtain this Ashen Knight skin, like the other two, will have to purchase it from the rotating Mythic Essence shop with their hard-earned Mythic Essence. Ashen Knight Pyke and Pantheon are currently priced at 100 Mythic Essence each and are not available to purchase with RP. This means that players can expect the same treatment for Sylas' brand-new skin.

Mythic Essence can be earned via different means such as Hextech and Masterwork Chests, every 50 levels past level 150, and Milestone Missions.

Alongside Sylas' Ashen Knight skin, players can also expect a new emote, and a special chroma for the skin.

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