What is League of Legends Age Rating?

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League of Legends is the biggest MMO currently and was released by Riot Games back in 2009.

The game sees teams of five face off against each other in the Summoner's Rift to destroy the nexus.

The ESRB has given the game a rating which takes into factor all of the content seen in the game.

This could include things such as violence, blood, gore, or swearing. However, there are more factors than this.

The age rating of the game helps parents and players know whether this is appropriate to play.

So, let's look at the age rating of League of Legends given to the game by the ESRB and what it means for players.

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What is the ESRB?

The ESRB age rating tool was devised to help players and parents understand what content is included in any piece of media product.

ESRB ratings
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This can include video games, TV series, Films, and any other kind of media.

Each rating has its own set of smaller boxes it must reach to get those ratings.

These can include things such as violence, blood, gore, swearing or other things which may not be suitable for certain age groups.

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League of Legends ESRB Age Rating

League of Legends has been given a Teen (Teen 13+) rating. This means that players over 13 should be able to play the game comfortably.

ESRB rating for League of Legends
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However, it is best to still read what the game includes in order to make sure that you feel comfortable playing it.

So, let's see what has been included in this rating which gives it the Teen rating.

  • Players use swords and magic spells to kill fantastical human-, animal-, and monster-like enemies
  • Each character is depicted with a small life meter above its head, and some characters cry out in pain when killed
  • Depictions of red blood splashes emitted from characters during battle

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