LoL AFK Timer - Developers respond to community about timer changes

League of Legends preseason 2023 saw changes arriving to the AFK timer in-game. And the community weren't too happy about this.

The timers have changed pretty drastically which makes standing still for 60 seconds punishable.

Teemo mains in particular have been struggling with this one as the use of his passive can be punished now.

A Reddit thread discusses this and shows how Riot Games hasn't counted all players in these changes.

However, developers have since responded saying that the changes are here to stay.

So, let's take a look at what the developers said about these changes and how they have affected League of Legends players.

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What are the AFK Timer Changes in League of Legends?

The changes which arrived in the preseason of 2023 have now been fully revealed by Riot Games.

  • If a player is AFK for more than 60 seconds then the game will issue a warning.
  • If someone is AFK for over 90 seconds then their teammates will be given the option to remake the game.

Of course, this 60 seconds isn't necessarily that damaging in-game and this reduction in time has caused many issues.

In particular, Teemo mains have been discussing how this has affected their gameplay.

One of Teemo's key mechanics is his invisibility when he stands still for a period of time.

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Riot Auberaun Responds About AFK Timers

Riot Auberaun has replied in this thread about the timer changes.

He stated this...

"The pop-up is at around 60 seconds since your last input and it takes 90 seconds of no input to trigger a remake option, and we think it's a reasonable ask for folks to click something in a 60/90 second window. Could potentially move back the popup. 30 seconds for water should be fine (but also the game does start at 0:00!)"

So, although there is 'potential' to move the popup back a little, it seems like Riot is happy with the changes.

Unfortunately, it's looking like players will have to deal with these changes for quite a while.

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