How to sign up and play League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular video game titles in the world.

With millions and millions of players logging in hours each day, this ten-plus-year-old giant in the space does a great job retaining and bringing on new players. This is partly due to the fact that developers at Riot Games make concerted efforts to keep the game consistently fresh.

From new skins and champions to patches every two to three weeks, there's much for players to enjoy.

If you're one of these players looking to get into League of Legends - we've got you covered. Here's how to sign up and play League of Legends.

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How to sign up for League of Legends

Signing up and playing League of Legends is quite simple. Here's a step on how to do so.

  • First things first, visit the League of Legends sign up page here
  • Enter your email of choice - this will be the email tied to your League of Legends account and click "Start"
  • From them, fill in the "When were you born?" prompt and click "Next"
  • After that, fill in the following "Username," and "Password" prompts
    • This username will not be your in-game name as stated on the page
  • That's it! You will then be prompted to download League of Legends

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How to play League of Legends

Now that you've created your League of Legends account, it's time to begin playing the game.

League of Legends
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Credit: Riot Games
MASSIVE PLAYERBASE: Millions and millions of players play League of Legends every day
  • Picking up on where you left off, download League of Legends if haven't done so
  • Once that's all set and done, log in with the username and password you created earlier
  • Upon logging in, you will have four items to check on the game's Code of Conduct, after that click on "I'm in"
  • Following that, you will be allowed to write down your desired name - what everyone will see when you play the game
  • After you've filled out your in-game name click on "Start now" and click on "Summoner's Rift"
  • That's it! The League of Legends client will take it from here with tutorials, how-to's, and more

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