Fnatic to make huge roster changes before LEC Spring Split 2023

Fnatic 2023

Fnatic 2023

Fnatic has had a rough split in the LEC winter 2023, as despite picking up a couple of wins they fell short of the top 8, cutting their split short. With Rekkles returning, many had high hopes for this squad after their performance at Worlds, but the reality was rather disappointing.

It's no great surprise then that the team is making some massive changes before the spring split kicks off next week. Here's everything you need to know about who's in and who's out of the squad.

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Fnatic to bench Wunder... for some reason

In the first big move of this very short offseason, the decision was made by Fnatic's management that Wunder would be stepping down. His replacement in the top lane is yet to be confirmed, but the move did come as a surprise to many fans.

Fnatic Wunder
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Wunder had been one of the few consistent members of Fnatic through a tough split, and although he hasn't been playing as well as we've seen him, he hasn't seemed like the weak link of the team.

Finding a replacement will be tough at this time of year, as most leagues, and the ERL's, are mid-way through their seasons. Fingers crossed for fans though, that the team can find more of a footing and a real identity in the upcoming spring split.

Rhuckz to be subbed out after only 1 split

In less surprising news, Rhuckz will not be playing for Fnatic's LEC team in the upcoming split. The bot lane has certainly been a problem area, with synergy at the heart of the issue.

Fnatic Rekkles
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With the huge PR move that was bringing Rekkles back to the roster, it was inevitable that any issues in the bot lane would fall on Rhuckz's head. Who was more deserving of the cut is perhaps more up in the air.

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