EU LCS: Fnatic announces 2018 roster

If you were trying to retain success in a competitive esports scenario like Fnatic, what would you do?

Would you dive onto the talent market to find new avenues, or refine the old?

Fnatic has decided their own answer to the puzzle, and for its 2018 roster, it looks like it's ready to build on solid, familiar ground. Let's take a look.

The lineup

In the top lane, Fnatic are bringing back the unkillable legend Soaz. Apart from his many highlight clips of surviving the absurd, Soaz brings a veteran understanding and fantastic execution to Fnatic in the top lane, and they should be happy with another Split of him around. Soaz is a fantastically liquid top laner in that he can mold to any role you put him in, as long as that role is tanky and moving forward. We think it will be.

In the jungle, Fnatic are bringing back Broxah, perhaps the EU LCS' most impressive jungler of 2017. Broxah's jaw is as chiseled as his League of Legends play (most of which on Lee Sin,) and Fnatic is all the happier for having him rampaging the European jungles again this spring. He's a force to be reckoned with that you can fully expect to be in enemy jungles at level 2 quite often.

 In the mid lane, Fnatic are bringing back Caps. Caps put in a fantastic 2017 that he is looking to repeat, easily cementing himself as one of the best European mids around today. His synergy with his teammates should not be ignored, and he's at the helm of a very dangerous Fnatic, a team that so far retains its strength from 2017. But we'll get to that.

In the bot lane, Fnatic are bringing back the all-star AD carry himself Rekkles, but for the team's only 2018 change, they will be pairing him with standout Unicorns of Love support Hylissang. Whether making the plays or shielding the teammates that were, Hylissang was an absolute anchor for the Unicorns in the bottom lane. If he synergizes well at all with Rekkles, we are likely looking at the strongest EU LCS bottom lane of the 2018 Spring Split, combining two of the best European individual talents around into one beast. 

The future

While this Fnatic is mostly familiar, it's perhaps more deadly than before.  Of course Jesiz was a solid player in the role, and his synergy with Rekkles was fair, but Hylissang is simply a cut above as a player, making this a major upgrade for an already dominant EU squad.

The future is looking up for Fnatic, and the fruit's of this will show in the coming 2018 Spring Split. It's only a matter of time, and hanging up the eventual banner. 

Let us know what you think of Fnatic's 2018 roster in the comments below!

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