EUW Champions Queue Announced for League of Legends

League of Legends EMEA Champions Queue

League of Legends EMEA Champions Queue

League of Legends Champions Queue was only released last year in North America, and lately it has seen mixed success. Without a large pool of players willing to put the grind in, this year it seems to have fallen flat, with no games taking place for the first week of the new season.

Now EU and the LEC are finally getting their own version. Now with a huge pool of players in the larger region, it may be just what we need. Here's everything you need to know about when it begins and who can take part.

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What is Champions Queue in League of Legends?

The Champions Queue server will enable players to practice League of Legends in a high-quality, solo queue-like environment. it differs from regular solo queue in who can access it, which improves quality of games so pros can have better practice quality.

This also gives ERL players a chance to practicwe against LEC pros, in a more controlled enviroment. When used to its full potential, the concept can seriously improve how the region functions, but only time will tell.

Who can Access the EMEA Champions Queue?

Initially, the selection process will be very exclusive as to who can access the new League of Legends service, to make sure everything goes smoothly. Only top tier current pro players, as well as a select few without a lineup this year can play.

The following is a detailed breakdown of who will have access to EMEA Champions Queue:

  • LEC starting lineup players
  • LEC registered substitutes (must be Grandmaster or higher in Solo Queue in the previous or current season)
  • Accredited ERL starting lineup players

Unfortunately, this means current NLC players will not be able to access Champions Queue, as the league was demoted out of accreditation this year.

When does the EMEA Champions Queue start?

The new region of League of Legends Champions Queue will kick off on the 24th of January, just after the LEC. The first split will run till 23rd February and will be active on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in a single four hour block per day.

The Champions Queue schedule for split 1 is as follows:

  • Split 1 - 24th January to 23rd February
  • Split 2 - 28th February to 31st March
  • MSI Split - TBD
  • Split 3 - 30th May to 30th June
  • Split 4 - 4th July to 11th August

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