Clutch Gaming sign Febiven and Solo

The news that Fabian "Febiven" Diepstraten and Colin "Solo" Earnest have joined Clutch Gaming was first announced in an investigative ESPN article by Jacob Wolf. The duo is supposed to join three former Team EnVyUs members: Apollo "Apollo" Price, Nam "LirA" Tae-yoo, and Nickolas "Hakuho" Surgent. Does this lineup have what it takes to make a splash in its first NA LCS split?

Seizing the moment

If there’s one new NA LCS team we’re excited to see in the coming season, it’s Clutch Gaming. The fact that they’re trying to get EnVy’s 3-man core already makes us think they have a solid chance of making playoffs, but them signing Febiven and Solo takes things to another level. 

In the 2017 Summer Split, Febiven was a prime contender for being the best EU LCS mid laner. And while H2K did under-perform in their usual fashion, Febiven was definitely the standout player in their lineup. With a 6.0 KDA, 9.1 CS per minute, and 630 DPM, he was the clear-cut best mid laner in the competition, and that’s saying a lot for a league as stacked with mid lane talent as the EU LCS. 

But what about Solo? Clutch Gaming’s top laner comes from a more humble background of playing for Gold Coin United in the NA CS. That’s not to say he’s bad, though. On the contrary, he’s a rock solid top laner that doesn’t require a lot of resources but can still come out with a carry performance or two. 

If Clutch Gaming manage to get the three former EnVy members, this setup will be perfect for them. Febiven and LirA will form a deadly mid lane/jungle duo, which will make it easy for their team to control the pace of the game. Meanwhile, Apollo and Hakuho will provide a ton of pressure in the bottom lane, and Solo will hold his own on the top side of the map. The result? Two incredibly lane-dominant carries backed up by an aggressive jungler and a supportive top laner. 

The only issue here is the lack of a definite shot caller. 

EnVy’s macro was one of the weaker parts of their gameplay, so it’s safe to say none of their members will be able to provide much insight. The same applies to Febiven who is more focused on making mechanically intensive plays than leading his team. But as long as Clutch Gaming find a way to crack the shot calling puzzle, they have all the tools they need to ascend to the top four of the NA LCS.

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