Cloud9 sign Svenskeren

Svenskeren came to TSM in 2015 as nothing short of a terror. He was known for taking over games in the jungle, often on his opponent's side of the map.

The fans were excited for the new weapon.

But, much like TSM junglers of the past, Svenskeren picked up and adapted a supportive style of play much less explosive than what had caught the eye of many fans.

The results

While the move helped TSM continue to be the presence they've always been, they've fallen a bit short not quite pushing the boundaries. 

While domestic success is good, it's expected, and pushing international competition to the brim is a broader team goal moving forward. It's a picture the team has decided Svenskeren no longer fits.

Cloud9 acquire Svenskeren to replace Contractz who was reasonably successful in 2017, much more so towards the end of the year. And while Svenskeren was seen as a weak link for TSM in 2017, he's still in the upper echelon of talent currently available in the jungle.

But there's still some more to think over.

Svenskeren comes to Cloud9 not only replacing former jungler Contractz for reasons that have yet to be revealed, but he also comes at the cost of an import slot. A slot that's quite valuable in such a wild talent market that has played out over the last few weeks. 

With Cloud9 bringing up a relative new face in Licorice to the top lane, you'd think it could get more bang for its buck when it comes to the import slot itself, and could likely find a strong jungle contender without having to use up the slot. 

But Svenskeren has his upsides.

The Great Dane

On top of experience at the top level domestically and to a fair degree internationally, Svenskeren has shown he can adapt his playstyle and stay at the top level in whatever he does. Oh, and he's only 21 years old.

Svenskeren also finds himself with the similar comfort of having one of North America's best midlaners on his side in Jensen after having Bjergsen. As well, one of the best AD carries in North America after working with Doublelift.

Whether Cloud9 decide to keep Svenskeren focused more on the vision and protection gamplan or back to his in your face beatdown plan remains to be seen. But if the synergies work out, we could see an entirely new side of Svenskeren on the Rift. 

That's a dangerous thing for the North American jungles. 

What do you think of Cloud9 acquiring Svenskeren? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to all of the roster moves here at RealSport!

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