RealOpinions: Why Halo Infinite NEEDED a grappling hook

We just got our first gameplay preview of Halo Infinite and it looked absolutely amazing.

But one talking point is to do with a new addition to the Masterchief's armour - the grappling hook.

While some may think it unnecessary, we think the game absolutely needed it. Here's why...

Adding something new...but not that new

Let's face it, Halo 5 was...divisive.

Fans weren't thrilled with playing through the majority of the campaign from Locke's perspective. Multiplayer was okay, but not the Halo we know and love either.

Players seemingly wanted to get back to what they knew best - playing Masterchief, an awesome story, and amazing multiplayer. In short - no more experimenting with an already winning formula.

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'LOCKE'D THE PART: But seemingly didn't go down quite as expected

That's where the grappling hook fits in so perfectly. It's a seemingly small new feature, but what the Halo Community does best, and is guaranteed to do - is find new and creative ways to use it to its enormous potential.

Combat Evolved

Halo Infinite for Xbox Series X had to bring something new to the table, but at the same time retain the core of what players loved about the series.

One area that had to be enhanced was combat, and nowadays, simply adding a new shotgun doesn't appear to cut the mustard.

Halo Infinite grappling hook
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REEL'EM IN! Surprise an enemy with an unpredictable attack!

What you need is a new way of moving, which can be used to evade and attack with new and unique patterns.

The grappling hook allows for this, as we saw in the demo.

Fire your grappling hook at enemies and close the distance for a powerful melee kill. Jump in the air at one angle, and change your trajectory. Even hook explosives that you can use as make-shift grenade.

343 Industries have introduced something that, on the surface seems simple, but allows for a huge amount of variety in the game.

Free Roam

When you first land on Halo in the first game, you're hit with just how massive the map feels. Endless horizons, huge cliffs - a landscape that literally stretches as far as the eye can see.

Gone are the days of trying to 'Skyrim' up the hills, by spamming the jump button, or trying and failing to access the highest point of maps with a heavily damaged Banshee (or laying down tons of explosives under a Warthog!)

Halo 1 1
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JUST OUT OF REACH! Many structures were practically unreachable in the earlier games

Now you'll be able to explore the expansive map freely, just like you always wanted to, but never really could.

This also opens up new options for combat. Those who prefer to pick off enemies at a distance may want to climb a cliff for a good vantage point!

Get over here!

There's no denying it, the grappling hook's ability to grab objects could lead to some epic unscripted moments in the game - which is where Halo really shines as an experience.

Running low on ammo? Grapple an explosive and lob it straight into a grunt's face! About to get shot out of the air? Eject, and grapple your way to safety at the last moment! The options could be endless.

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HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: The grappling hook can be seen on 117's left arm!

The grappling hook will certainly save some players' behinds, but what's the downside to the new tool?

The grappling hook is likely, but not confirmed, to feature in multiplayer. Now before you go thinking that this is going to be over-powered, think again.

There was a big community reaction to certain weapons in previous series being over-powered, such as the infamous dual needlers! We don't expect 343 Industries to introduce something without a built-in Achilles heal!

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AH...FORGOT MY STUFF: The hook comes in handy when you've misplaced your grenades

One thing we noticed is that the movement is actually quite slow, which could give players plenty of time to swat their foes out of the air. We expect to see a balanced experience in store for us from 343 Industries.

We're super excited about Halo Infinite, and it looks like a real return to what fans loved about the series.

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While we grapple with all the excitement of Halo Infinite, take a look below for the latest trailer, which shows the grappling hook in action!

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