Halo: Infinite Still Set For Holiday Release Date

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It's understandable that when a game is slated to release in the next six months but has no release date, fans get restless. For Halo Infinite, this is the situation it finds itself in.

Never fear, as apparently the lack of a release date can be rather simply explained, here's what's been said so far.

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Halo Infinite Still Coming in 2021?

Halo developers 343 Industries and Phil Spencer have come to the rescue to confirm that the studio is 'committed' to a Holiday release date.

The lack of a solid date comes down to the desire to not have to move it again, even if only by a few days. This means until a fixed date is given the greenlight by 343 and Xbox, it will remain a 'holiday' release.

The good news is that they are looking at a 3-4 week window for the official release. Phil Spencer reiterated that they are not looking anything larger than this scale, meaning it's just a case of picking a date that works for all then locking it in.

During the interviews it was also hinted that the release date could be les about readiness of Halo Infinite and instead learning of what other big titles are committed to which dates over the Holiday period.

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If this is the case, we could be looking at a late October/November release date as titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield and others are likely to want to fill this space.

It's in the best interest of Xbox if their flagship exclusive title releases unopposed so that they can maximise the release and marketing in the lead-up.

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