Halo Infinite Beta Confirmed, How To Sign Up, Platforms, Dates and More

Halo Infinite was due to launch alongside the new Xbox Series X|S in November 2020.

The game got pushed back during backlash from fans during the gameplay reveal.

Now it looks like 343 Industries are looking to get it right by asking for feedback from players prior to launch.

Halo Infinite Beta Confirmed

It has been confirmed that there will be a test flight period for the upcoming Halo Infinite, giving players a chance to play the game, whether it is single-player or multiplayer, to give feedback on things that need to be changed before the game eventually launches.

Halo Infinite Craig Gameplay Reveal
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CRAIG: Backlash over the games graphics caused the game to be delayed until 2021.

These tests typically last a week or two and have been done in the past for the Halo MCC on PC.

The Halo Reach test flight contained campaign missions in its initial test, before expanding to multiplayer later on.

How To Take Part

The Halo Infinite beta will only be available to members of the Halo Insider program.

This is the hub for Halo fans to receive news and information from 343 Industries, and where players can sign up to participate in events.

All players need to do is visit the Halo Insider website and sign up.

Then when details are officially released you can opt in to taking part and hope you're chosen to be among the first to play Halo Infinite.

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The test flight will likely be available to both PC and Xbox players, with the signup process giving the option to choose both platforms when prompted what system you play on.

Right now there is no option for the Xbox Series X|S so if you play on the new next-gen system then you may want to check back and update it once it is added.

Halo Infinite Open Beta

Although it is confirmed there will be a private beta, there is no word yet as to whether there will be a public one too.

It is likely though, as most online shooters usually offer a public beta closer to launch, but until 343 Industries announces it then it is purely speculation, although we expect one to happen.

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