EA Sports PGA Tour Roster - Spieth, Finau & more

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A new golf game is hitting the shelves soon, with EA Sports PGA Tour finally arriving after a year-long delay.

The release date is fast approaching, and EA is set to reveal more about their new game in an upcoming deep dive and gameplay trailer.


One aspect of the game remains uncertain though, and that is which players will be available from the launch of the game.

EA Sports PGA Tour Roster

The full EA Sports PGA Tour roster is yet to be revealed, but we do know of three players that are included in the game.

Justin Spieth has featured heavily in the limited content released so far, so we know he is involved!

ea sports pga tour kang
SUPERSTAR - The inclusion of the LPGA will see the likes of Kang included

Tony Finau is another top player set to be included after several images of him in the game have been revealed.

The LPGA number 12 Danielle Kang will also be included along with "several female athletes", with the LPGA in partnership with EA to offer the tour's five major championships.

EA Sports PGA Tour Confirmed Roster:

  • Justin Spieth
  • Tony Finau
  • Danielle Kang

EA Sports PGA Tour Cover Athlete

TBC. We don't know who the cover athlete for EA Sports PGA Tour will be, but the early signs indicate one player.


Jordan Spieth has been the most prominent golfer so far in various releases from EA.

Only the PGA Championship eludes Spieth from winning all four Majors, although he placed an agonizing 2nd back in 2015.

Spieth's success and popularity make him an obvious candidate for cover athlete, and a PGA Championship win would add him to an exclusive list of players to win the full house.

EA Sports PGA Tour Deep Dive

Get into the action as EA reveals its first in-depth look at EA Sports PGA Tour!

Take a look at the official EA Sports PGA Tour Gameplay Trailer below.


Alongside the trailer, EA has also released a full deep dive into the gameplay for the new game.