EA Sports PGA Tour release DELAYED

ea sports pga tour

ea sports pga tour

There is some disappointing news to break to golf fans who were looking forward to EA Sports PGA Tour - the game has been delayed!

Initially thought to be coming in 2022, the title has been pushed back yet again, but it's not all doom and gloom.

Find out all the latest about the delay to the EA Sports PGA Tour release date below.

EA Sports PGA Tour Release DELAYED

Coming via the official EA Sports PGA Tour Twitter account, the company has announced a short delay to the release date of the upcoming title.

It will now launch on the week of the Masters Tournament, with Early Access starting on Tuesday, 4 April and the worldwide release coming three days later on Friday, 7 April.

The worldwide release was originally set for Friday, 24 March, with Early Access beginning on Tuesday, 21 March.

Thankfully, at two weeks, it isn't the longest delay to deal with, and it also gives you more time to get your Pre-Orders in!

EA Statement

Expanding on the message released on Twitter by EA, the full statement on their website regarding the delay to EA Sports PGA Tour is as follows:

Hi Golf Fans,
We have an update to share on EA SPORTS™ PGA TOUR™.
EA SPORTS PGA TOUR will now launch the week of the Masters Tournament, with an early access release on Tuesday, April 4 and worldwide launch on Friday, April 7. Creating an authentic golf experience has been our goal, and this small shift in release date allows us to add a few final touches to the game that we are very excited to deliver to all of you, including updates to some favorite courses to reflect 2023 designs.
In the last couple months we’ve shown all the great content we’ve packed into EA SPORTS PGA TOUR – the exclusive home of all men’s four majors – and we have a few more details to share in the weeks ahead. If you haven’t already, check out the deep dive videos on gameplay, including the all-new Pure Strike shot system, and the 30 bucket-list courses that will be available to play at launch. We’ll have more to come as we get closer to launch, so stay with us at @EASPORTSPGATOUR on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest updates.

Delay Down to Details

As stated in their announcement, the reason behind this delay is so they can add some last few details to the game so it is as authentic as possible.

The realism of the title is one of the things EA are most proud of when it comes to EA Sports PGA Tour, something that was highlighted when we spoke with Producer Ben Ramsour and Gameplay Designer Craig Penner about the game.

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DETAILS - EA Sports PGA Tour will be stunning to play

The insider deep-dive gave us plenty more insight into the realism we are set to see, from the details on each course to the way lie effects shots.

"They're talking about having it in their caddy house so that they can practice and help them with their reading," Ben told us!

Check out the full interview here and immerse yourself in all the details to get hyped for release!

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