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Genshin Impact Spring of the First Dewdrop Locations & Best Farming Route

Collecting the Spring of the First Dewdrop in Genshin Impact

Want to know where you can collect lots of Spring of the First Dewdrop in Genshin Impact? Version 4.2 of Genshin Impact is finally here, and there's plenty of new content for players to dive into.

The game lets you explore its open-world map however you want, so if you want to farm some materials, we have the information on how to best do it. Let's find out the locations and best farming routes for Spring of the First Dewdrop in Genshin Impact!

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Spring of the First Dewdrop farming guide

The new update brings yet another Fontaine Local Specialty material called Spring of the First Dewdrop, which is commonly found in the Morte region. This area is part of the latest map expansion in Fontaine, and you will need to dive into the waters to collect them.

Player approaches Spring of the First Dewdrop
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You can make use of Lyney's Passive to make searching easy. The skill of Trivial Observation allows Lyney to show you the location of nearby speciality materials on the minimap, so make sure to utilise it!

Spring of the First Dewdrops are located underwater, often within clams that look like huge seashells. You can use your primary attack to throw a hydro thread and make the shell open up, revealing the dew drops inside.

While some are found in the open, you can also find these materials concealed behind orange bushes or placed on large blue flowers.

Spring of the First Dewdrop locations and best farming route

If you want to know the Spring of the First Dewdrop locations, check out the map below. The markers indicate the presence of these materials.

Spring of the First Dewdrop map
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You can start at the edges of the markers and work your way towards the centre for an effective farming route. There are 60 Spring of the First Dewdrop spawn points, so that's how many you can collect in a single run, if you get to them all.

If you aim for a more casual run, you can collect around 30 without trying too hard. Most of the Spring of the First Dewdrop spawn areas are concentrated in the region of Fort Charybdis Ruins and the East and West Slopes of Mont Automnequi.

The Spring of the First Dewdrop will respawn in 48 hours, so if you need more of them, simply come back to the game two days later and resume farming. Soon, you'll have a vast collection of these specialty materials.

What to use Spring of the First Dewdrop on

Genshin Impact 4.2 has two new characters Furina and Charlotte, who use Fontaine materials for their Ascension. These are Lakelight Lily and Beryl Conch respectively.

As a new Fontaine speciality, we can assume that Spring of the First Dewdrop will be used to ascend a new character from Fontaine, who will be released in the future. It is suggested that Navia might be using these materials for her Ascension.

Once the character is released, you will need 168 of these materials to fully Ascend them, so be sure to start stocking up from now! Remember that you can always visit the worlds of your friends to get more resources when the ones in your world have dwindled.

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