Genshin Impact: Where To Find Liben At Dawn Winery - Marvelous Merchandise Day 3

The Marvelous Merchandise event is currently taking place in Genshin Impact.

Everything You Need To Know About The Marvelous Merchandise Event

Every day players will be able to follow clues to find Liben at a certain location and claim a Box o' Marvels.

The Box o' Marvels is claimed by giving Liben the required items in exchange for it.

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GOT SOME RARE THINGS ON SALE, STRANGER: Every day find Liben to claim your free Box o' Marvels

The event is running from October 26th-November 2nd and players can claim one box per day.

The good news is, if you've missed any boxes you can claim them later on.

In fact, you can claim all 7 boxes on the final day if you want.

To take part in the event players need to be Adventure Rank 12, but that is very easy to achieve so you likely already will be above level 12.

Dawn Winery

Today is Day 3 of the event and Liben is hanging around Dawn Winery.

Dawn Winery is located in the southwest of Mondstadt, the first nation of Teyvat that you explore at the start of the game.

Upon entering Dawn Winery players need to head to the patio of the building to find Liben.

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A GOOD HEAD OF HAIR: Liben is easily identifiable by his huge hair.

He is easily identifiable by his big hair, glasses, and purple/white attire.

When speaking to him select the "I want to do business" option to see what Liben requires from you today.

Today he is after 10 Berries, simple enough. Berries can be found virtually anywhere there is grass and come in stacks of 3.

Once you give Liben the Berries you can choose 1 of the 7 boxes to open.

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Players are unable to see what is in the box prior to opening it, but based on what players have reported receiving online it will likely be either;

  • 30 Primogems
  • 20,000/40,000 Mora
  • The Enchancement Ores
  • Adventurer's Experience

The Upcoming 1.1 Patch

Genshin Impact will see its first major update since it launched with the 1.1 patch.

The 1.1 patch will be released on November 13th and many details have already been leaked.

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A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES: Chapter 1 will conclude with a boss fight against Childe

The patch will cap off Chapter 1 with a new boss fight against Childe.

There will also be a host of new characters to unlock too including Xiao, Zhongli, Childe, Xinyan, and Diona.

The update will also smooth out some gameplay elements and fix some things such as a better camera system.

It will also implement some quality of life items and changes, such as a portable cooking pot, just to make the game more enjoyable and easier to play.

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