Genshin Impact's KFC Wing Gliders Go Global in July

Details of the Genshin Impact and KFC collaboration have been unveiled during the 1.4 live stream, including stickers and a redeemable set of KFC Wing Gliders in-game.

Currently available in China, participating KFC restaurants have fully transformed into Genshin Impact eateries, complete with Noelle and Diluc in KFC attire.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world can not get their hands on KFC's Genshin Impact goodies, at least not yet.

KFC Genshin Impact Items Release Globally in July

While China is currently enjoying their fried chicken with a bit of extra Genshin Impact flair, the rest of the world has to wait until July for the KFC-themed Wing Gliders to become available in-game.

There is currently no word on how the Wing Gliders will be obtained, whether through KFC locations or other in-game events.

Considering that KFC does not operate in every country that Genshin Impact is played, it seems to reason there may be a different way for players to get their gliders than purchasing a bucket of chicken.

There has also been no word on if the emoji sticker sets of Diluc and Noelle will be available outside of China.

Noelle and Diluc Get New Jobs

Reports have been coming in that the Noelle bucket at Chinese KFC locations has been more popular than the Diluc one, with fans loving her corporate look more than her in-game look.

Either way, both characters look amazing in their new outfits as KFC employees.

Unfortunately, the new KFC looks for both Noelle and Diluc are not available in-game.

The Wing Glider, on the other hand, is relatively unbranded except for using the KFC colors.

This certainly helps keep the in-game advertising minimum and does not distract from the beautiful world miHoYo has created with Genshin Impact.

Complete Takeover

While Noelle and Diluc's makeover is certainly the star of the Genshin Impact and KFC collaboration, almost every other character makes an appearance in the complete Genshin Impact restaurant takeover.

Everything from the restaurant location windows, buckets, tables, and plates are plastered with Genshin Impact images ranging from simple character portraits to colorful scenes with multiple characters.

The giant Paimon window stickers are a nice touch, though the Genshin Impact sidekick performs more of a mascot role than a menu item.

Those looking for Emergency Food can enjoy a bucket of fried chicken instead of Paimon.

It is unfortunate, but she apparently was not very cooperative.

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