How to Cut Down Trees in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact's new housing system is a deep and rewarding experience that allows players to customize their own private space with craftable furnishings that require blueprints and materials to create.

One of the required materials for crafting is wood, which comes in several varieties: Birch, Cuihua, Pine, Sandbearer, Bamboo, Cedar, and Fir.

Wood Locations in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Trees
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TREES: They are everywhere!

Thankfully, trees are found everywhere in Teyvat.

Players can harvest wood from trees by hitting them with Sword of Claymore users, gathering anywhere from one to three pieces from each tree.

The type of wood harvested depends on the type of tree.

The following types of wood, and where they are found, are as follows:

  • Birch Wood - Mondstadt, Liyue
  • Cuihua Wood - Mondstadt, Liyue
  • Pine Wood - Dragonspine
  • Sandbearer Wood - Liyue
  • Bamboo Segments - Liyue
  • Cedar Wood - Mondstadt
  • Fir Wood - Mondstadt, Liyue
Genshin Impact Trees
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TREES: Seven different varieties can be found throughout Teyvat

It is important to note that Bamboo Wood and Bamboo Shoot are two entirely different materials.

Bamboo Shoots are harvested from the ground, while Bamboo Wood is harvested by hitting larger bamboo stalks with Swords or Claymores.

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Wood Harvesting Locations

Genshin Impact wood locations
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WOOD: Find tree and hit them with swords

While wood is not a hard material to come upon in Teyvat, Genshin Impact players can use miHoYo's official interactive map to find the exact location of each type of tree.

While there is no solid information on how often trees produce wood for harvesting, the estimate at this time is around 10-15 minutes.

This makes it incredibly easy to harvest large amounts of each type of wood, ensuring players never run out of the resources they need to craft furniture.

With the amount of time many furnishings take to craft, it is possible for players to harvest more than enough wood to craft their next project.

Of course, they will still need fabric and dyes, each requiring their own materials to craft.

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