New Genshin Impact Video: Collected Miscellany - "Eula: Surging Frost"

The latest Genshin Impact Collected Miscellany, narrated by Dainsleif, features the game's latest addition, Eula.

This is the first official in-depth look players have of the new character, though Eula's details have been available online for quite some time now.

Born into the Lawrence Clan that once oppressed Mondstadt in the past, Eula is a protector of the City of Freedom, and Captain of the Reconnaissance Team.

Eula: Surging Frost

"Ready for Reconnaissance!"

Eulo is a 5-Star Cryo Claymore user that focuses on Physical DMG, with an accent of Cryo DMG, making her an excellent choice as a Main DPS.

An aristocrat raised in the rules that she, herself, see as pretentious, Eula rejects her heritage while remaining trapped by the noble teachings of her upbringing.

While the Lawrence Clan is hated throughout Mondstadt due to their oppression of the city in the past, Eula fights for the Knights of Favonius, protecting the City of Freedom as Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Team.

Combining the strength of her Claymore with the grace of a dancer, Eula compliments her technique with a master of Cryo magic.

Master of Grimheart

Eula's raw physical power is supplemented by Cryo magic and stacks of Grimheart.

By using her Elemental Skills, Eula unleashes a slash of raw Cryo power, also adding a stack of Grimheart to herself.

Grimheart boosts Eula's defense, while also making it harder to knock her back.

By holding down the Elemental Skill button, Eula consumes her accumulated Grimheart to deal extra damage.

Eula's Elemental Burst deals massive Cryo DMG and generates a Lightfall Sword that slowly charges from her other attacks until it explodes, dealing Physical DMG to surrounding enemies.

By combining her physical attacks, stacks of Grimheart, and her Lightfall Sword, Eula can dominate the battlefield, slowly building DMG and she dances through her forms, finally crashing down on foes like a roiling wave.

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