Genshin Impact Almond Tofu Guide - Where to Get, How to Use & more

Genshin Impact is taking the world by storm and we are very excited by the upcoming 1.1 update.

Not only that, but the miHoYo title arrives on PS5 this month, so expect interest in the game to skyrocket once again.

Eating lean

There are various food items in Genshin that can be used to heal, revive or buff your character - or even party.

Few are as rewarding as Almond Tofu, however, which can increase the entire party's attack by up to 95 for 300 seconds.


Almond Tofu consists of 3 milk, 1 sugar and 1 almond.

You can get the ingredients on the General Shop NPC.

genshin impact almond tofu recipe
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STEP BY STEP - Once you find the Almond Tofu recipe you can start cooking

Milk costs 100 coins per unit and Almond costs 120 coin per unit.

Sugar on the other hand costs 420 coins, but you can craft it yourself with 2 Street Flowers.

How to get Almond Tofu

To find Almond Tofu, teleport to Wangshu Inn.

Head inside, go down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Genshin Impact wangshun inn
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LOCATION LOCATION - This is where you can find the Almond Tofu recipe

You should see the recipe on the left hand side.

Head over to the stove and Cook!

You should now see the Almond Tofu in your list of dishes - but you must have the necessary ingredients!

Genshin Impact kitchen
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GET COOKING - Almond Tofu can increase your party's attack

Press cook and you must then stop cooking when the meter is in the zone.

You can then share your Almond Tofu with your party.

Almond Tofu Video Guide

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