Genshin Impact launches new web browser event

Genshin Impact has yet again released another web browser game called "Wish Upon A Lantern" to tie in current in-game events, and this time it will let the players participate in the Lantern Rites.

Starting on February 19th at 1:00 PM (GMT+8 Asia Server), they are given a chance to release their own lanterns in the minigame, once per day.

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Opening the web browser event for the first time treats the players to their individual look back to all of the events the game has experienced since launch. They’ll be given an option to share their favorite moment so far on social media, granting the player an additional Xiao Lantern release opportunity.

Before releasing a wish, players get to choose from a predetermined set of wishes meant to uplift spirits and give hope for the future—much like the citizens of Liyue participating in the festival.

Or, if players just want to have some luck in the next gacha banner to come out, it’s perfectly fine as well.

Ain't that a mood...
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Ain't that a mood...

Getting chances to release lanterns are determined by given quests, which seems to be random. As of writing, players are given quests to complete, with each one granting an opportunity.

Tasks may vary from opening the browser event for the first time, to sharing their favorite Genshin Impact highlight, to opening their various social media platforms like their official forum and official Reddit subchannel.

To participate in this event, a player has to be at least Adventure Rank 10—which is fairly easy to achieve at the start of the game. The goal is to release five different designs of Xiao Lanterns, but the lanterns you release daily can repeat in design, so pay close attention.

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Players have until midnight of February 25th (GMT+8) to do this browser event; successfully lighting all the lanterns qualifies them to be part of the pool of Grand Prize recipients on, which the event boasts will share one billion Primogems across all participants!

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