Spider Man Miles Morales: How To Skip Cutscenes

So you've just gotten your shiny new PlayStation 5 and you've played through Miles Morales and want to play it again.

But then you think "I wish I could skip cutscenes", well we've got you covered.

How To Skip Cutscenes

Cutscenes in Miles Morales can be skipped, whether its on the initial playthrough or New Game +.

However, only certain cutscenes are skippable.

Miles Morales Skip Cutscene
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SPEEDRUN: Certain cutscenes can be skipped.

To skip a cutscene, press the Start button to get to the Pause menu.

If the cutscene is skippable then near the bottom of the options you will see the 'Skip Cutscenes' option.

Click it and it'll take you to the next point of gameplay.

The good news is, because of the PS5's fast NVME SSD, there is no loading between cutscene and gameplay so you can instantly jump back into the action and get back to saving New York City from The Tinkerer.

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Performance Boost

Spider-Man Miles Morales recently got a new update that adds a massive performance boost to the game.

Spider Man Miles Morales swinging photo mode
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NEXT GEN: Miles Morales was a PS5 launch title

The update is just 261.9MB so pretty small, but it definitely packs a punch.

Previously the game was playable at a either 60fps without ray tracing, or 30fps with ray tracing.

Ray tracing definitely improves the overall visual quality of the game, adding realistic reflections and overall just enhancing the graphics of the game.

But it does come at the cost of a 30fps drop, locking the game to just 30fps.

While the 30fps is stable, many players will choose to not use ray tracing in favour of a higher frame rate for an overall smoother experience.

With the new update though, players can have the best of both worlds.

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The new update has added 60fps with ray tracing, allowing for smooth gameplay and amazing visuals.

With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X being so new, it is likely we will see a lot of games offer 60fps without ray tracing and 30 without.

But over time we will very likely see more scenarios like this where developers go back and add better performance modes as they unlock the true potential of the system.

And we will also likely see more games with 60fps and ray tracing at launch.

Both consoles are capable of 120fps but so far we haven't seen too many instances of it being utilised.

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