Football Manager 21: Have YOUR say on COVID-19 decisions - How to Vote, Handshakes, Elbow Bumps & more

The Coronavirus is coming to Football Manager 2021!

In keeping with the times, the team at Sports Interactive have decided to incorporate the virus into their title, but they need your help to decide on one or two technicalities.

Here's how you can vote on how FM 2021 will play out.

Handshakes or Elbow Bumps

Miles Jacobson - the man behind the magic of Football Manager - has had a tough time in choosing how managers will behave on the touchline.

New regulations within the footballing world have meant that managers are advised to touch elbows rather than shake hands as has become tradition at the conclusion of matches.

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But what would you rather see in FM 21? Do you think elbow touches are the way forward? Or are you a traditionalist who wants to see the classic handshake?

Here is how you can place your vote.

How to Vote

The vote - which has been live since Tuesday - has amassed over 23,000 votes at time of writing, but there's still time for you to make your voice heard.

Head over to Miles Jacobson's official Twitter account to place your vote.

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The choice is simple: Handshake or Elbow Bump.

Handshakes are leading the way up to now, with 63.9% of the vote, but that could all change with over 48 hours left to play!

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