Football Manager 2022: How to sign an uninterested player

Football Manager 2022 has finally arrived, which means it's time to start testing out your negotiating skills.

With the full game now available, we've got you covered as to how to convince those uninterested players to sign for your club.

FM22 Uninterested Players

There's nothing worse than scouting a potential star, only to find they have no intention of signing for your club.

Whether it's stature, wages, or even the general location, there are many reasons why players may not want to sign for your team, so try not to get too offended.

A NO FROM ME - Wage, location, and stature can effect a player's deicision
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A NO FROM ME - Wage, location, and stature can effect a player's deicision

However, we've got you covered as to how you can turn that decision around and get your top target to sign on the dotted line.


The first step to any successful transfer is the enquiry, like trying to make eye contact with someone you like in a bar.

In Football Manager 2022, a brand new feature has been included where you can discuss a potential deal with an agent before you make an official approach.

The enquiry stage will give you an indication as to your target's interest. If they want to sign, then great, but if not, you'll have to move on to step two.

Showing your interest

Everyone likes to feel valued, and players in Football Manager are no different.

If a player isn't interested, make an offer anyway just to let them know you're seriously interested. If they still won't discuss terms, then you'll need to show your interest by attending their games and maintaining a close relationship with their agent.

Public declaration

The next step is to declare to the media just how much you want to sign the player.

Doing this will allow you to continually improve your relationship with the target, making them realise that they are highly wanted and valued by your club.

You will also be able to view a response from your target. If they really don't want to come, then maybe focus your attention elsewhere, or...

Sign their mate

No, seriously.

Identifying a close or favourite person to sign from your target's information section on their profile will boost your chances of signing them.

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BEST FRIENDS - Signing your target's friend can improve your chances of signing them

Simply identify a favoured person, be it a player or member of staff, and bring them to your club.

By now, you should have formed a good relationship with your target, meaning you can now go back in with an improved offer.

Make another offer

It's a long-winded process but it's worth it when you finally get to press accept on this long-awaited deal.

Go back to your target's club and make them an improved offer. If the offer is accepted then be sure to make fair and maybe overzealous promises to their agent, before chucking a decent wage and a healthy bonus at them at the contract stage.

In the end, you should have secured your target, turning heads in the footballing world as you land your man and rise to success.

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