Football Manager 2022: HARDEST teams to manage in this year's game

Football Manager 2022 is a few months old, which means many hardcore players will have already conquered the globe in their first saves, but what about those that are looking for a fresh challenge?

From strict transfer rulings to massive points deductions, these five teams below are sure to offer a MAJOR challenge if you choose to take the reins in Football Manager 2022.

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Derby County

Derby County's recent struggles have been well documented in recent times, with the club plunging into administration and the fans left wondering what on earth is going on.

Whilst there are no hard answers being given, we certainly know that Derby are one of the most difficult teams to manage in FM22.

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PAYING THE PRICE - Derby start FM22 with -12 points

With no money and a huge -12 point deduction to contend with, you'll start the season at the very foot of the table under a transfer embargo.

Fear not - just as Derby are proving in real-life - relegation is not a dead certain, but you'll have to work some miraculous magic if you're to keep Derby from sliding into League One.

A. Bilbao

Whilst not as challenging as some of the other teams on this list, the task at A. Bilbao is extenuated by a transfer policy that will see you limited to signing players from the Basque region of Spain.

Whilst bigger than first assumed, this region is still a huge limitation on the potential rise of Bilbao, but could offer some major rewards if you find the right balance.

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BASQUE OR BUST - You'll be restricted when it comes to transfers with Bilbao in FM22

Can you defy the odds and take a team of Basque stars into the Champions League?

Dover Athletic

A side that may not be too familiar to casual fans, Dover Athletic are a football club located in the South East of England with big problems on their plate.

A -12 point deduction will greet you when you arrive at Dover, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

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AVOID THE INEVITABLE - Dover are facing the drop in FM22

A fine from the National League sees Dover sliding into financial ruin, and you'll be tasked with steadying the ship and bringing back stability.

Thought managing teams in the National League was tough anyway? Think again.


A club well known for its style, Venezia could do with some fashionable players to go alongside their trendy kits.

Whilst they aren't faced with any points deductions, you will find that Venezia is the weakest in the pack in Serie A, meaning clever signings are fundamental to any success you may have.

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STYLISH AND STRUGGLING - Venezia may look good but there team needs some bolstering in FM22

Jose Mourinho may not be a fan, but it's your job to prove that Venezia aren't just a club with style over substance.


Recently relegated from the Bundesliga, Schalke finds themselves in a promotion dog fight with a number of fallen giants from German football's past.

With a number of their top players having moved on in the summer, you'll be tasked with rebuilding the squad on the tiniest of budget (£2!) and somehow finding a way to bring Schalke back to the big time.

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FALLEN GIANT - Schalke are aiming for immediate promotion in FM22

Nobody said it was easy, and this challenge may just be the hardest of the lot.

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