Football Manager 2022: Lorenzo Insigne signed by Toronto using this CLASSIC tactic

We all have our own little tactics when it comes to signing players in Football Manager 2022, but what if I told you that those tactics have started to bleed into real-world football?

Well, that's very much the case with Toronto FC president Bill Manning confirming that the club used a classic Football Manager tactic to sign Italian superstar Lorenzo Insigne.

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Football Manager in Real Life

Toronto FC president Bill Manning has confirmed that he used the website Transfermarkt to sign Italian winger Lorenzo Insigne.

"I actually went to the Transfermarkt website and I looked up the Italian national team and what players were coming out of contract" Manning stated when discussing the marquee deal, piquing the interest of many FM fans who have been known to deploy the same approach in their virtual player recruitment strategies.

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TORONTO BOUND - Lorenzo Insigne will be heading to Toronto FC very soon

"Lorenzo was one of the few players that was coming out of contract. I started writing down players that I thought were world-class, that I thought would have commercial value in this market." Manning continued, further proving that we're all transfer geniuses when it comes to signing players in Football Manager 2022.

The 30-year-old Italian winger will move to the MLS side when his Napoli contract expires at the end of the domestic season.

Whilst it may be a marquee signing for the Canada-based club, it'll be music to the ears of Football Manager players who have been deploying these tactics for many, many years.

Manning's Method

If you aren't familiar with the Football Manager tactic deployed by Manning then you can follow our simple guide below.

Signing a pre-contract player is an easy way to sign superstars on the cheap, with certain out of contract stars - like Insigne - available to approach from January 1.

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Pre-contract players can be the perfect way to bulk your team on the cheap and we recommend using Manning's method in order to secure yourself a bargain in this year's game.

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