Football Manager 2022 Juventus Team Guide: Place the Old Lady back on top of the mountain

Football Manager 2022 has arrived, giving you the chance to step into the manager's hot seat and begin your new rollercoaster career.

Juventus (or Zebre as they're known in FM22) have a prominent reputation as one of Italy's most famous clubs, but their season isn't quite going to plan. With these simple tips, we're confident you can guide the Old Lady back to the Serie A title in Football Manager 2022.

Club Vision

The Juventus board are fixated on their reputation and that's something you'll have to contend with when you take the reins in Turin.

Focussed on maintaining their reputation through signing high profile players and progressing deep into European competition, your job as Juve manager won't be easy.

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You're expected to maintain a strong challenge in each competition the Old Lady partake, meaning you'll have to expertly balance squad rotation if you're going to reach the heights that the board demand.


In order to achieve success, you'll need a fool-proof formation, which is why we think the 4-2-3-1 is perfect for your team.

Gegenpressing isn't a style that's too often deployed in Italy, but with a team full of hard workers we believe it could reap major rewards for your side in Football Manager 2022.

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With pacey wingers like Juan Cuadrado and Federico Chiesa bursting down the flanks, you're certain to terrorise opposition defences and achieve great things in Turin.

Top Players

Juventus have a number of talented players at their disposal, with some top talents occupying each position.

Our three choices occupy key roles in your side, with one of these players acting as a potential captain for your side for many years to come.

Paulo Dybala

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Juve's most recognisable player, fit with his iconic celebration and rolled-down socks, Paulo Dybala is undoubtedly the star of this Italian side.

His incredible range of stats makes him the perfect attacking midfielder. With the Argentine also able to operate as a central striker, we think you should be building your team around this certified baller.

Matthijs De Ligt

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A dominant centre-half who is looking to reach the heights his early years at Ajax once promised, times haven't been easy for Matthijs De Ligt since he moved to Turin.

However, the Dutchman still oozes class and at the young age of 21, we believe the former Ajax man could easily become a dominant captain for Italy's most famous club.

Federico Chiesa

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Technically only on loan from Fiorentina, it's absolutely vital that you secure Federico Chiesa on a permanent basis.

A lightning-quick winger who can score goals from any angle, Chiesa is the red-hot Ferrari that you need to build your team around.

Young Prospects

Developing young players is one of your objectives when you take over at Juventus, which means you'll need to get familiar with your youth squad in Football Manager 2022.

These two youngsters may start the game out on loan, but we predict they'll have a major impact for your team in the future.

Nicolo Rovella

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A young midfielder who could easily become world-class, Nicolo Rovella is one of the most exciting young prospects in Italian football.

Currently on loan at Genoa, keeping a keen eye on this lad's development could see you be the mastermind behind Italy's next pass master.

Radu Dragusin

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A young defender with plenty of room to grow, Radu Dragusin is another player currently out on loan.

Whilst further loans may well be beneficial for this Romanian youngster, we still believe that Dragusin could become a major player for your Juventus side in Football Manager 2022.

The Transfer Market

With a budget of £16.24 million and a wage budget of £130,000, you won't have too much money to spend in Turin.

However, there are some high-earners that you could easily write off the books and replace with some top-class talent.

Who to Sell

You'll need to sell in order to balance the books and give yourself some cash to play with, so we would recommend selling at least three players at the start of Football Manager 2022.

Aaron Ramsey, Daniele Rugani and Federico Bernardeschi are all high earners with a decent valuation, meaning you're certain to gain at least a little bit of cash to play with.

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Selling those three could see you rake in around £22 million, a healthy amount to add to your budget.

Who to Sign

With players sold, it's time to find some new stars, and we recommend looking for both a defender and a striker to improve this Juventus side.

Luis Suarez would be an affordable option that would tick the 'high reputation players' box, pleasing your board as well as seeing you acquire one of Football Manager 2022's best strikers.

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In terms of defenders, we would recommend Bayern Munich outcast Benjamin Pavard, with the World Cup winner offering versatility and strength, traits that are invaluable to any side looking to compete on multiple fronts.

Reclaim the Throne

With Inter Milan, Napoli, Roma and the rest all developing into top teams, Juventus are at serious risk of falling behind their Italian counterparts.

Your biggest challenge will be to keep the Old Lady at the top, whilst many of your competitors begin to breathe down your neck.

Following our advice could lead to success, but we have no doubt that you also have your own innovations that will see Juventus (AKA Zebre) remain at the very top.

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