Football Manager 2022 Arsenal Guide: Bring back greatness with young Gunners

Now that Football Manager 2022 is here it's time to test yourself out at your favourite clubs.

After a tough few years Arsenal look to be getting back on track, so can you be the manager to take over the squad in this time of transition, believe in youth and bring success back to the club?

Club Vision

Arsenal aren't the formidable club they used to be, so one of the important aspects you are expected to bring back to the club is playing exciting and attacking football.

You should also be looking to invest for the future, signing players under 18 who can grow with the club.

FM22 Arsenal Club Vision
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PLAY NICE FOOTBALL - With silverware of little importance, get the team playing well

There are a couple of objectives with bigger importance, however, with European football needing to be delivered at the end of the season, whilst working within the wage budget now and in the future.

A run to the quarter-final of the FA Cup would be nice, but the board aren't expecting silverware just yet.

Even the long term plan is just to challenge for the division title, so you will be given time to develop your squad.


With exciting, attacking football wanted from all at the club, why not play a 4-2-3-1 Wide using tika-taka.

The club has many great technical players to occupy the forward roles, while a more solid base will make the team hard to break down.

With two centre-midfielders giving the defence some more protection, it can allow one of your attacking left-backs to give width to the squad when the LAM cuts inside.

FM22 Arsenal Line Up Tactics
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START WITH A STRONG BASE - Let's not get too ahead of ourselves and build slowly

This formation also gets many of the club's promising youngsters involved in first-team football, which will only better develop the squad.

It won't be the most groundbreaking of ideas but should get the team starting to gel and getting results for us to build a more expansive game in the future.

Top Players

Arsenal have a really promising squad with many youngsters already involved in the first team.

It may not be full of superstars, but there is plenty of talent here to play attractive football and take the club to the next level in the future.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

FM22 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
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WISE OLD HEAD - Aubameyang will need to use his experience to guide the youngsters

The old man of the club, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will play a crucial role in your first couple of seasons at the club.

With not much budget to bring in world-class talent, you will be relying upon the goalscoring ability of Aubameyang, and also his leadership on the field to push the team onwards.

Kieran Tierney

FM22 Kieran Tierney
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GREAT SCOT - Tierney has the mentality to take the team to the top

It's rare when a defender seems to transform the feel of a club, but we have seen it with the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Ruben Dias.

Although we're not claiming Kieran Tierney to be at their level, his work rate and determination had a real impact when he joined Arsenal, and he always gets the crowd behind him.

He will be such an important factor in bringing solidity and aggression to your side.

Martin Odegaard

FM22 Martin Odegaard
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REAL DEAL - After moving from Madrid Odegaard will want some trophies

Martin Odegaard looks like an absolute steal of a signing and brings with him experience from his days at Real Madrid.

Just one of many youngsters the team will be built around, Odegaard will be at the heart of most attacks, dictating the play for years to come.

Youth Prospects

The Manchester City board see developing youth as a key part of your success at the Etihad, meaning it's key for you to focus on some of these young talents.

From rough diamonds to potential superstars, you'll find plenty of talent in your youth ranks and these two are the cream of the crop.

Bukayo Saka

FM22 Bukayo Saka
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WONDERKID - Saka is already a pivotal player for the side

One of the best prospects at the club has already made himself an undroppable starter.

Bukayo Saka has been one of the shining stars for Arsenal in recent years, still only 19, he has a great future ahead of him.

Charlie Patino

FM22 Charlie Patino
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TEENAGE TEMPO - Patino will keep the game ticking along

Described by some at the club as the best young player they've seen, Charlie Patino will be worked in to the first team soon enough.

As a centre midfielder, he could be the key to setting the tempo of the game and keeping Arsenal in control.


With only £10 million to spend, don't expect to bring in any superstars to the club.

After getting rid of some dead weight you should have a bit more spending money, but look to invest that in young players with top potential.

Who to Sell

With Aaron Ramsdale now the number one choice in goal, look to get rid of Bernd Leno, who could bring in an extra £25 million to spend.

FM22 Bernd Leno
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SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENTS - Leno has been usurped by Ramsdale

Also look to get rid of Sead Kolasinac, Pablo Mari and Mohamed Elneny, and with the sales of all four, you could look to have added £70 million to your budget.

Who to Sign

Hopefully now with some more to spend, look to invest in youth all over the pitch.

The position we would recommend prioritising is ST, buying in someone to lead the line for years to come, with Aubameyang and Lacazette both over 30.

Our top pick would be Alexander Isak, already first team quality, and only going to keep improving.

FM22 Alexander Isak
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STAR STRIKER - Isak can lead the line for the next decade

Not only is he quick enough to get in behind the defence, but he also offers a physical presence to allow you to put in some crosses if the need arises.

With a potential range of 150-180, Samuele Ricci could be a great signing to make for centre-midfield and could be picked up for less than £20 million.

Another playmaker, but with the ability to do a job defensively, he would be a great partner for a more defensive-minded player.

Believe in the Youth

Your main role is to bring European football to the club, and the best way to do that with this squad is to trust the young players.

If you do that then the club's future will be as big as their potential, and after a few seasons, you can look to be battling for the best silverware.

Believe in the youth, get in a strong system, and you will surely find success at the club and bring it back to glory.

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