Football Manager 2021: New Gen Faces will keep your save feeling fresh for decades

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There's been plenty of FM news over the last 24 hours!

After confirmation that COVID-19 will play a part in this year's title, we now have some brighter content in the form of the first look at the new-gen faces!

Here is what we know!

New Gen Faces First Look

Miles Jacobson - the man behind the magic at Football Manager - shared a first look at the New Gen Faces on his Twitter account earlier today.

And it's safe to say, they look GOOD!


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Graphics Taken Up a Notch

With a return to consoles coming to FM 21, it was clear they were going to look to take their graphic games up a level.

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FM 20 - The facials weren't awful, but they have nothing on FM 21!

And when you compare the new gen faces on FM 21 to its predecessor, the improvement is certainly noticeable!

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ATTENTION TO DETAIL! The New Gen bunch look better than ever

So be prepared for a bigger and better Football Manager experience than ever before!

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