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Football Manager

22 Oct 2019

Football Manager 2020: First look at new game & features

Football Manager 2020: First look at new game &

The FM20 crew took to Twitch to show off the new managerial sim. What can fans expect?

Football Manager 2020 is now less than a month away, dropping on 19 November. The armchair experts perfect game is nearly here, but what can we expect from FM20?

Sports Interactive have trickled out new features over the last few months, letting fans know what will be added to the game. But how does it all knit together to create a fresh feel for FM20? That is the burning question.

New Features

There is a lot to take in for FM20, as Sports Interactive have put a lot of work in to making your managerial experience more true to life.

The biggest additions come as you take up a new job. There is now a Club Vision that you will agree to with the board, setting out a pathway for the team under your guidance, be it making the playoffs, then promotion, and survival, or making the top 4 of the Premier League and then contending for the title.

There will also be a Code of Conduct between you and the players at the start of your tenure, outlining what the punishments will be for certain actions. Now you know you can fine a player for a straight red or missing training without risking the whole team turning on you.

But how do these features, along with new backroom feedback on tactics and team selection, enhanced graphics, and better team talks really mesh together? Is FM20 noticeably different from FM19?

The Sports Interactive team took to twitch with the brand new Football Manager 2020 to start a save with Brentford to show off exactly what the new game can do.

You can check out the steam HEREto judge for yourself.