Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids: Best Swedish players to sign

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Sweden have never been among the best footballing nations in the world. Their best World Cup performance was losing in the final in 1958 as hosts and they have only made the semi-finals of the European Championship once. However, that does not mean that the Scandinavian country has not produced some impressive players. The likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Freddie Ljungberg, and Tomas Brolin have been key pieces of big club teams across Europe.

How to choose the best Swedish wonderkids in Football Manager 2019

This article will look at the best Swedish wonderkids in FM19. These players are all teenagers when you start a new career mode in Sweden (February 2018). They all have a potential ability of at least 110, making useful contributors for a lot of club sides, and some can turn into world-class players if developed correctly.

For a full list of ALL the best Swedish wonderkids in FM19, see the table at the bottom of the page.

Alexander Isak (CA 123 - PA Range 140-170)

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Age: 18

Position: ST

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Best Attributes: Jumping (16), Anticipation (15), Acceleration (15)

Value: £2.9 million

Wage: £13,500 a week

Alexander Isak started his career with AIK in Sweden, joining at the age of six. He made his way through the youth academy and debuted with the first team in February 2016. In January 2017 he made a €9 million move to Borussia Dortmund and soon made his first team debut with them as well. He won his first cap with Sweden in 2017.

In FM 19 Isak is a speedy forward (15 acceleration, 14 pace). He has good mental attributes (15 anticipation, 14 vision, 13 flair) to aid his overall game and is solid in front of goal already (14 dribbling, 13 finishing, 13 first touch). Isak can also get involved in build-up play (14 technique, 12 passing). 

Mattias Svanberg (CA 119 - PA Range 140-170)

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Age: 19

Position: M (C)

Club: Bologna

Best Attributes: Pace (15), Acceleration (14), Dribbling (14)

Value: £2.4 million

Wage: £12,750 a week

Mattias Svanberg joined Malmo in 2013 and made his league debut with them in May 2016. He played nearly 50 games for the Swedish club before making a £4 million move this summer. He is yet win a senior cap with Sweden but has made it to the Under-21 side.

In FM 19 Svanberg is a terrific possession midfielder. He can move the ball well (14 dribbling, 13 passing, 13 technique, 13 vision) and has good mental attributes (13 determination, 13 off the ball, 12 work rate). He's also got great speed for a central midfielder (15 pace, 14 acceleration).

Pontus Dahlberg (CA 114 - PA Range 130-160)

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Age: 19

Position: GK

Club: Watford

Best Attributes: Determination (15), Bravery (15), One On Ones (14)

Value: £1.8 million

Wage: £3,000 a week

Pontus Dahlberg began his career with Alvangens IK but moved to IFK Goteborg in 2015 where he received his first team debut. In January 2018 he moved to Watford for £3.3 million and was loaned back to Goteborg to continue his development.

In FM 19 Dahlberg is a mentally strong goalkeeper already (15 determination, 15 bravery, 13 concentration). That comes with nice physical traits (14 jumping, 14 agility, 12 strength) and some good technical skills that can develop in time (14 reflexes, 14 one on ones, 13 handling).

Dejan Kulusevski (CA 98 - PA Range 130-160)

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Age: 17

Position: M (C)

Club: Atalanta

Best Attributes: Determination (15), Natural Fitness (14), Flair (14)

Value: £220,000

Wage: £825 a week

Dejan Kulusevski began his career with IF Brommapojkarna in Sweden but moved to Atalanta in July 2016 where he has progressed to the Under-19 side. He has also moved his way up to the Sweden Under-17 side.

In FM 19 Kulusevski is mentally strong (15 determination, 14 flair, 12 anticipation, 12 vision) and has good physical traits (14 natural fitness, 12 pace, 12 acceleration, 12 stamina). He can move the ball in possession well (13 dribbling, 13 technique, 12 first touch, 12 passing) and even threaten the goal (11 finishing).

Marcus Degerlund (CA 100 - PA 128)

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Age: 19

Position: D (C)

Club: IFK Goteborg

Best Attributes: Jumping (16), Marking (13), Positioning (13)

Value: £150,000

Wage: £1,100 a week

Marcus Degerlund played his way up through the Vasteras youth system and debuted with the first team in 2015. He then made a move to Hammarby IF in 2016 and is currently out on loan with Goteborg. Degerlund has also progressed to the Sweden Under-19 side.

In FM 19 Degerlund is a solid defender already. He is strong in the air (16 jumping, 12 heading) and has good defensive skill (13 marking, 13 positioning, 12 tackling). Degerlund has solid mental attributes (13 determination, 12 decisions, 12 concentration) and can move the ball in possession too (12 passing, 11 technique).

Daleho Irandust (CA 110 - PA 125)

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Age: 19

Position: AM  (LC), M (C)

Club: BK Hacken

Best Attributes: Flair (16), First Touch (15), Dribbling (15)

Value: £500,000

Wage: £675 a week

Daleho Irandust began his career with Balltorps FF in Sweden, but eventually landed with BK Hacken in 2016 and made his senior debut in 2017. Since then he has played over 50 games for the club and moved up to the Sweden Under-21 side.

In FM 19 Irandust is already a well-developed creative midfielder (16 flair, 15 first touch, 15 dribbling, 13 passing, 13 vision). He has good mental attributes (13 composure, 13 on the ball, 12 decisions) and can also deliver into the box if he roams wide (12 crossing) and from set pieces (12 corners, 11 free kick taking).

Jesper Karlsson (CA 102 - PA 125)

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Age: 19

Position: AM (RL), ST

Club: IF Elfsborg

Best Attributes: Acceleration (14), Pace (14), Dribbling (13)

Value: £235,000

Wage: £1,100 a week

Jesper Karlsson started his career with IF Boljan but moved to Falkenbergs in 2015 where he received his senior debut. In 2017 he moved to IF Elfsborg for €450,000 and soon found a way into their first team. He has also progressed to Sweden's Under-19 side.

In Football Manager 2019 Karlsson has good speed (14 pace, 14 acceleration) and is mentally strong (13 determination, 13 flair, 12 work rate, 12 off the ball). That helps his technical ability on the ball (13 dribbling, 13 technique, 12 first touch).

Joel Asoro (CA 111 - PA Range 120-150)

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Age: 18

Position: AM (R), ST

Club: Swansea

Best Attributes: Acceleration (18), Pace (17), Flair (15)

Value: £3.1 million


Wage: £15,000 a week

Joel Asoro began his career with IFK Haninge but came to England in 2015 with Sunderland. He got his first team debut in August 2016 and played some 30 games with them before making a £2 million move to Swansea in July 2018.

In FM 19 Asoro is a very fast winger (18 acceleration, 17 pace). That speed underpins his overall game, aiding his creativity on the ball (15 flair, 13 dribbling, 12 technique). He also has good long throws (15) which is a nice bonus.

Viktor Gyokeres (CA 109 - PA Range 120-150)

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Age: 19

Position: AM (RL), ST

Club: Brighton

Best Attributes: Determination (16), Work Rate (16), Aggression (16)

Value: £2.7 million

Wage: £3,000 a week

Viktor Gyokeres got his senior debut with Brommapojkarna in 2015 and played there for three years, scoring 25 times in 67 appearances, before making a move to Brighton in January 2018. He has progressed up to Sweden's Under-19 side internationally.

In FM 19 Gyokeres has strong physical traits (15 natural fitness, 14 pace, 14 acceleration, 14 strength) and good mental attributes (16 work rate, 16 determination, 13 off the ball). All of that makes him a more dangerous striker and improves his technical ability in front of goal (13 finishing, 13 dribbling, 12 technique).

Alex Timossi Andersson (CA 88 - PA Range 120-150)

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Age: 17

Position: AM (R), ST

Club: FC Bayern

Best Attributes: Acceleration (15), Aggression (15), Work Rate (15)

Value: £120,000

Wage: £55 a week

Alex Timossi Andersson began his career with Helsingborg but moved to Bayern Munich in July 2018 for around £110,000. He is yet to make his senior debut for the Germany giant and currently plays with their Under-19 side. Internationally he is currently with Sweden's Under-17 side.

In FM 19 Andersson is a speedy winger (15 acceleration, 14 pace). He has good talent on the ball (12 dribbling, 11 technique) and good mental attributes to help his development (15 work rate, 15 aggression, 13 bravery, 12 determination). Andersson's potential ability is huge, making him a good option for development.

All the best Swedish wonderkids on Football Manager 2019

Name Pos Club Age CA PA/PA Range Value Wage
Alexander IsakSTBorussia Dortmund18123>140£2.9m£13.5k
Mattias SvanbergM (C)Bologna19119>140£2.4m£12.75k
Pontus DahlbergGKWatford19114>130£1.8m£3k
Dejan KulusevskiM (C)Atalanta1798>130£220k£825
Marcus DegerlundD (C)IFK Göteborg19100128£150k£1.1k
Daleho IrandustAM (LC), M (C)BK Häcken19110125£500k£675
Jesper KarlssonAM (LR), STIF Elfsborg19102125£235k£1.1k
Joel AsoroAM (R), STSwansea18111>120£3.1m£15k
Viktor GyökeresAM (LR), STBrighton19109>120£2.7m£3k
Alex Timossi AnderssonAM (R), STFC Bayern1788>120£120k£55
Jack LahneAM (R), STIF Brommapojkarna1685>120£40k£40
Kevin AckermannM (C)BK Häcken1681>120£17k£40
Otto VallentinSTIF Elfsborg1576>120£9.25k£40
Anthony ElangaAM (LR)Man Utd1566>120£42k£110
Leo BengtssonAM (LR)Hammarby IF1996120£130k£725
Mattias AnderssonD (C)Juventus1984115£81k£1.1k
Svante IngelssonAM (LR), M (R)Udinese19105>110£300k6.5k
Samuel AdrianM (C)Malmö FF19105>110£320k£725
Dennis HadzikadunicD (C)Rostov19104>110£500k£5.25k
Max SvenssonAM (LR), M (R)Helsingborgs IF19102>110£175k£500
Marko JohanssonGKTrelleborgs FF19100>110£125k£850
Gabriel GudmundssonAM (LR), M (RL)Halmstads BK1899>110£160k£675
Hugo AnderssonD (C)Malmö FF1998>110£130k£425
Peter GwargisAM (LRC), M (L)Brighton1789>110£275k£500
Edvin CronaSTKalmar FF1888>110£56k£500
Teddy BergqvistSTVarbergs BoIS1888>110£40k£600
Nils FrölingAM (L), STKalmar FF1788>110£56k£600
Pavle VagicAM (L), M (LC)Jönköpings Södra IF1888>110£53k£725
Bilal HusseinM (C)Vasalunds IF1786>110£40k£550
Filston MawanaSTTSG Hoffenheim1785>110£100k£55
Albin LinnérSTVasalunds IF1885>110£39.5k£40
Benjamin NygrenSTIFK Göteborg1684>110£34.5k£40
Hampus FinndellAM (C), M (C)Djurgårdens IF1784>110£32.5k£750
Anel AhmedhodzicD (C), DMNottingham Forest1883>110£130k£500
Elias DurmazAM (LR), M (RL)Hammarby IF1782>110£23.5k£40
Samuel BrolinGKVasalunds IF1782>110£15.75k£40
Teodor StenshagenD (C)GIF Sundsvall1781>110£16.25k£450
André AlsanatiAM (RC)Hammarby IF1881>110£18k£40
Tim PricaSTMalmö FF1580>110£12.75k£40
Joseph ColleyD (C)Chelsea1875>110£90k£2.5k
Helmer AnderssonD (C)Örebro SK1675>110£7.5k£40
Oliver Nnonyelu DovinGKHammarby IF1575>110£6.25k£40
Noah AlexanderssonAM (C)IFK Göteborg1671>110£5k£40
Adam Ben LaminD (C)Vasalunds IF1670>110£3.75k£40
Teo GrönborgDM, M (C)Hammarby IF1568>110£3.75k£40
Rasmus WikströmD (RC)IFK Göteborg1664>110£3.1k£40
Carl JohanssonAM (C), M (RLC)Östers IF1991110£77k£500