Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids: Best Italian players to sign

Italy has been home to some of the greatest players in world football. Who are the next great Italian wonderkids in FM19?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Italy has been a force in world football for a long time. They have lifted four World Cups and one European Championship, while their club sides have consistently been a threat at the highest level of competition. Italian players have almost always been among the best in the world, and they have taken national pride in producing terrific goalkeepers and defenders.

How to choose the best Italian wonderkids in Football Manager 2019

This article will look at the best Italian wonderkids in FM19. These are players that the game lists as Italian, have a potential ability over 130, and are teenagers when you start a new career in June 2018. They aren’t all cheap to sign, but at the same time they are not all exclusively available to the biggest sides. These players range across positions and can give you a decade-plus of quality production.

For a full list of ALL the best wonderkids from Italy on FM19, see the table at the bottom of the page.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (CA 150 – PA Range 160-190)

Age: 19

Position: GK

Club: Milan

Best Attributes: Jumping (18), Teamwork (17), Reflexes (17)

Value: £18.75 million

Wage: £190,000 a week

Gianluigi Donnarumma has long been considered the heir-apparent to Gianluigi Buffon in Italy. He came up through Napoli’s youth system before moving to AC Milan at the age of 14. His talents were quickly obvious and in 2015, at just 16 years old, he was promoted to the first team and he made his Serie A debut at just 16 years and 242 days. He has already played over 130 games for Milan and been capped by Italy 10 times as he takes over the #1 duties for his country.

In FM 19 Donnarumma is already a well-developed player capable of holding his own at the highest level. He has great physical traits (18 jumping, 16 agility, 16 balance) and strong mental attributes (17 teamwork, 15 composure, 15 determination). His shot-stopping skills are already excellent (17 reflexes, 15 one on ones), making him a truly outstanding wonderkid.

Pietro Pellegri (CA 114 – PA Range 160-190)

Age: 17

Position: ST

Club: Monaco

Best Attributes: Determination (15), Jumping (15), Finishing (14)

Value: £1.3 million

Wage: £17,500 a week

Pietro Pellegri came up through the Genoa youth system, making his debut for the team in December 2016 and equalled the record for the youngest ever Serie A debut. He played just 10 games for Genoa, scoring three, before making a €25 million move to Monaco in January 2018.

In FM 19 Pellegri has a lot of potential to build on. He has good physical traits (15 jumping, 14 strength, 13 pace) and a few solid mental attributes (15 determination, 14 bravery, 13 work rate) that will help him develop. He is already useful on the ball (13 first touch, 12 technique, 11 passing) and can find the back of the net (14 finishing).

Sandro Tonali (CA 115 – PA Range 150-180)

Age: 18

Position: DM, M (C)

Club: Brescia

Best Attributes: Determination (15), Composure (15), Passing (15)

Value: £1.2 million

Wage: £775 a week

Sandro Tonali came up through the Piacenza youth system before moving to Brescia. He made his professional debut for Brescia in August 2017 and has become a regular for the team since then, making 30 appearances. He has also won 11 caps with the Italy U19 side.

In FM 19 Tonali is already a well developed playmaking midfielder. He has excellent passing ability (15 passing, 14 technique, 13 vision) and strong mental attributes to aid his development (15 determination, 15 composure, 14 work rate).

Moise Kean (CA 120 – PA Range 150-180)

Age: 18

Position: AM (L), ST

Club: Juventus

Best Attributes: Natural Fitness (18), Determination (15), Off The Ball (15)

Value: £2.5 million

Wage: £17,500 a week

Moise Kean joined Juventus at the age of 10 and made his profession debut for them in November 2016 at the age of 16. He hasn’t played much for Italy’s best side, but he spent the 2017/18 season on loan with Verona where he played 20 games and scored four goals.

In Football Manager 2019 Kean is a good winger already. He has strong physical ability (18 natural fitness, 15 agility, 14 acceleration) and is good with the ball at his feet (13 dribbling, 12 passing, 12 technique). He already possesses solid mental attributes (15 determination, 15 off the ball, 13 decisions) and can find the back of the net too (14 finishing, 13 heading, 12 long shots).

Alessandro Bastoni (CA 116 – PA Range 140-170)

Age: 19

Position: D (C)

Club: Parma

Best Attributes: Jumping (16), Heading (14), Determination (14)

Value: £1.6 million

Wage: £12,750 a week

Alessandro Bastoni joined Atalanta’s youth system in 2006 as a 7-year-old. He rose through their ranks and debuted with them in November 2016. He only played a handful of games before moving to Inter Milan in August 2017 for an undisclosed fee. He is yet to make an appearance for Inter but has been on loan with Atalanta and then Parma. 

In FM 19 Bastoni’s defensive skills are already well-developed (13 marking, 13 tackling, 13 positioning) and he is physically solid (14 strength, 12 pace, 12 stamina). Bastoni is good in the air (16 jumping, 14 heading) and has a good head on his shoulders (14 determination, 13 anticipation, 13 composure)

Luca Pellegrini (CA 116 – PA Range 140-170)

Age: 19

Position: D (L)

Club: Roma

Best Attributes: Determination (16), Aggression (16), Work Rate (15)

Value: £1.5 million

Wage: £25,500 a week

Luca Pellegrini joined Roma at the age of 12 and rose through their youth system to debut in September 2018. He has only played a handful of games for Roma but has also worked his way up the junior ranks for Italy, making it to the U21 side this year.

In FM 19 Pellegrini already has some strong mental attributes (16 determination, 16 aggression, 15 work rate, 14 off the ball) and is well balanced between playing the ball (12 first touch, 12 technique, 11 passing) and defending (12 tackling, 12 marking, 12 positioning). He also has good pace for a central player (14 pace, 13 acceleration). 

Nicolo Zaniolo (CA 115 – PA Range 140-170)

Age: 18

Position: AM (C), M (C)

Club: Roma

Best Attributes: Off The Ball (15), Jumping (15), Strength (14) 

Value: £1.5 million

Wage: £850 a week

Nicolo Zaniolo started with the Fiorentina youth system but was released in summer 2016. He signed with Virtus Entella and made his Serie B debut with them in March 2017. He soon moved to Inter Milan for £3 million, dominating for their youth side but not playing for the first team. In June 2018 he was part of a deal with Roma that sent Radja Nainggolan to Milan.

In FM 19 Zaniolo has amazing mental attributes for a teenager (15 off the ball, 14 determination, 13 composure, 13 teamwork) and is already good at moving the ball in possession (13 first touch, 13 passing, 13 technique, 12 vision) and can score too (13 finishing)

Andrea Pinamonti (CA 113 – PA Range 140-170)

Age: 19

Position: ST

Club: Frosinone

Best Attributes: Finishing (15), Pace (15), Off The Ball (15)

Value: £1.3 million

Wage: £650 a week

Andrea Pinamonti joined Inter Milan in 2013 and made his debut with them in December 2016. He only played a handful of games before being sent out on loan to Frosinone for the 2018/19 season.

In FM 19 Pinamonti is already good in front of goal (15 finishing, 13 composure) and has strong physical traits too (15 pace, 14 natural fitness, 13 stamina). He has solid mental attributes (14 off the ball, 13 determination, 12 work rate) and can pass pretty well too (13 technique, 12 passing).

Filippo Melegoni (CA 112 – PA Range 140-170)

Age: 19

Position: DM, M (C)

Club: Pescara

Best Attributes: Determination (17), Passing (14), Natural Fitness (!4)

Value: £1 million

Wage: £1,000 a week

Filippo Melegoni started his career with Atalanta, rising through their youth system to debut in January 2017. This summer he joined Pescara in Serie B on loan for the 2018/19 season.

In Football Manager 2019 Melegoni is already a good passer (14 passing, 14 technique, 14 vision) and can create chances for teammates. He is useful from set pieces (13 free kick taking, 12 corners) and has some superb mental attributes too (17 determination, 13 flair, 13 decisions).

Alessandro Plizzari (CA 110 – PA Range 140-170)

Age: 18

Position: GK

Club: Milan

Best Attributes: Natural Fitness (16), Determination (15), Jumping Reach (15)

Value: £550,000

Wage: £6,500 a week

Alessandro Plizzari is a product of the Milan youth system, joining the first team in 2016, however he is yet to debut for the team. In 2017 he joined Ternana on loan, making his professional debut in August 2017 and playing 20 games for them.

In FM 19 Plizzari has some nice mental attributes (15 anticipation, 15 determination, 14 composure) and is a good athlete (16 natural fitness, 15 jumping, 15 agility). He has a few solid goalie stats (15 reflexes, 14 rushing out, 13 one on ones) but is untested at higher levels of football.

All the best Italian wonderkids on Football Manager 2019

Name Pos Club Age CA PA Range Value Cost
Gianluigi Donnarumma GK Milan 19 150 >160 £18.75m £190k
Pietro Pellegri ST AS Monaco 17 114 >160 £1.3m £17.5k
Sandro Tonali DM, M (C) Brescia 18 115 >150 £1.2m £775
Moise Kean AM (L), ST Juventus 18 120 >150 £2.5m £17.5k
Alessandro Bastoni D (C) Parma 19 116 >140 £1.6m £12.75k
Luca Pellegrini D (L) Roma 19 116 >140 £1.5m £25.5k
Nicolo Zaniolo AM (C), M (C) Roma 18 115 >140 £1.5m £850
Andrea Pinamonti ST Frosinone 19 113 >140 £1.3m £650
Filippo Melegoni DM, M (C) Pescara 19 112 >140 £1m £1k
Alessandro Plizzari GK Milan 18 110 >140 £550k £6.5k
Alessio Riccardi M (C) Roma 17 106 >140 £275k £6k
Gabriele Corbo D (C) Bologna 18 100 >140 £225k £1.8k
Alessandro Cortinovis AM (RC), M (C) Atalanta 17 94 >140 £170k £550
Raoul Bellanova D (R), WB (R) Milan 18 94 >140 £91k £1.2k
Eddy Salcedo AM (L), ST Inter 16 92 >140 £220k £230
Manuel Gasparini GK Udinese 16 75 >140 £38k £230
Enrico Brignola AM (LRC), ST Sassuolo 18 120 >130 £2.5m £9.5k
Christian Capone AM (L), ST Pescara 19 116 >130 £1.8m £1k
Marco Tumminello ST Atalanta 19 114 >130 £1.4m £9.5k
Mirko Antonucci AM (LRC) Pescara 19 107 >130 £500k £6.6k
Davide Bettella D (C) Atalanta 18 99 >130 £260k £230
Emanuel Vignato AM (RC) Chievo 17 98 >130 £285k £230
Gianluca Gaetano AM (LC), ST Napoli 18 93 >130 £180k £230
Samuele Mulattieri AM (C), M (C) Inter 17 92 >130 £130k £230
Frank Tsadjout ST Milan 18 91 >130 £160k £2.6k
Gennaro Ruggiero DM, M (C) Palermo 18 90 >130 £92k £200
Alessio Zerbin AM (L), ST Viterbese 19 89 >130 £110k £2.4k
Alessandro Russo GK Genoa 17 86 >130 £120k £230
Gabriele Capanni AM (L) Milan 17 85 >130 £100k £1.4k
Augusto AM (LC) R. Madrid B 19 85 >130 £145k £1k
Nicolò Armini D (C) Lazio 17 84 >130 £125k £230
Alessandro Ahmetaj M (C) Sassuolo 18 79 >130 £90k £230
Nicolò De Angelis AM (C), M (C) Torino 18 78 >130 £52k £230
Edoardo Vergani ST Inter 17 76 >130 £55k £230
Cosimo Marco Da Graca ST Juventus 16 75 >130 £38k £200
Francesco Laurenzi D (C) Torino 16 72 >130 £31k £230
Alessio Furlanetto GK Lazio 16 65 >130 £23k £230
Lorenzo Colombo ST Milan 16 52 >130 £12k £230


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