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Football Manager 2019 Wonderkids: Best French players to sign

France have long been an international threat, but it is only in the last 20 years that they have become a really dangerous side that can generate dominant talent. From Zinedine Zidane and Lilian Thuram in 1998 to Antoine Griezmann and Paul Pogba in 2016 and today, there has been world-class talent being produced in France.

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How to choose the best French wonderkids in Football Manager 2019

This article will look at the best French wonderkids in FM19. These players are all teenagers when the game starts in June 2018 and listed by the game as French. They have a potential ability of at least 130 and can be an impact player for nearly every team.

For a full list of ALL the best French wonderkids in FM19, see the table at the bottom of the page.

Kylian Mbappe (CA 173 - PA 196)

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Age: 19


Position: AM (R), ST

Club: Paris Saint-Germain

Best Attributes: Pace (20), Acceleration (19), Flair (18)

Value: £71 million

Wage: £325,000 a week

Kylian Mbappe came to prominence with Monaco, exploding onto the scene during the 2016/17 season and helping Monaco win Ligue 1. He then made a massive £162 million loan-transfer move to Paris Saint-Germain. This summer he was France's best player at the World Cup, joining Pele as the only teenager to score in the World Cup Final.

In FM 19 Mbappe is a monster. He is tremendously (20 pace, 19 acceleration) and has terrific talent on the ball (17 dribbling, 16 first touch) and in front of goal (16 finishing). He can also move the ball well in possession (18 technique, 18 flair, 15 passing) too.

Dayot Upamecano (CA 135 - PA 172)

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Age: 19

Position: D (C)

Club: RB Leipzig

Best Attributes: Pace (18), Balance (17), Strength (16)

Value: £6.75 million

Wage: £41,500 a week

Dayot Upamecano started his career with Valenciennes FC in France at the age of 14, but soon moved to Austrian club Liefering. He then moved to Red Bull Salzburg and after impressing there was signed by RB Leipzig in 2017 for €10 million.

In FM 19 Upamecano is already a solid defensive player (15 tackling, 14 marking, 12 heading). He has terrific speed (18 pace, 14 acceleration, 13 stamina) and good physicality as well (16 strength). Mentally Upamecano is also well-developed (16 bravery, 15 determination, 14 work rate) and he can play the ball too (13 technique, 13 passing, 12 dribbling).

Mickael Cuisance (CA 125 - PA 168)

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Age: 18


Position: AM (C), M (C)

Club: Borussia Monchengladbach

Best Attributes: Vision (16), Passing (16), Technique (16)

Value: £4.3 million

Wage: £26,000 a week

Mickael Cuisance started his career with Strasbourg as an 8-year-old, but soon moved to Nancy where he made his senior debut with the reserves in 2016. In 2017 he moved to Borussia Monchengladbach where he received his first-team debut and soon settled into the squad as a regular.

In Football Manager 2019 Cuisance is already a good creative force coming forward (16 vision, 16 passing, 16 technique, 16 corners). He has some impressive mental attributes already (15 composure, 14 work rate, 14 flair) and is capable of roaming to the flanks and providing for strikers (14 crossing, 12 dribbling).

Houssem Aouar (CA 136 - PA 165)

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Age: 19


Position: AM (C), M (C)

Club: OL

Best Attributes: Vision (16), Passing (16), Determination (16) 

Value: £8.25 million

Wage: £24,000 a week

Houssem Aouar joined Lyon in 2009 and has been with them ever since. He rose through the youth system to get a reserves debut in 2015 and then a first team debut in February 2017. He has played nearly 50 games for Lyon already despite his young age.

In FM 19 Aouar is a strong creative player already (16 vision, 16 passing, 16 technique). He has good speed (14 pace, 13 acceleration) and quality with the ball at his feet (14 dribbling). Aouar can also put the ball away himself (15 first touch, 13 finishing)

Dan-Axel Zagadou (CA 126 - PA 157)

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Age: 19


Position: D (C)

Club: Borussia Dortmund

Best Attributes: Jumping (18), Composure (17), Strength (17)

Value: £4.6 million

Wage: £4,000 a week

Dan-Axel Zagadou began his career with Creteil as a 7-year-old before signing with Paris Saint-Germain at the age of 12. He was there for five years, making his debut with the reserves in 2016. In 2017 he made a free transfer to Borussia Dortmund where he soon received his first team debut.

In FM 19 Zagadou is a physical powerhouse of a centre back (18 jumping, 17 strength, 15  pace). That physicality is combined with some solid mental attributes (17 composure, 15 teamwork, 14 concentration, 14 bravery) and good defensive abilities (14 tackling, 12 marking).

Matteo Guendouzi (CA 133 - PA 155)

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Age: 19


Position: DM, M (C)

Club: Arsenal

Best Attributes: Teamwork (16), Passing (15), Vision (15)

Value: £17.5 million

Wage: £40,000 a week

Matteo Guendouzi started his career with Paris Saint-Germain in 2005 and was with them for nine years before moving to Lorient and making his debut there. The Frenchman got his first team debut in October 2016 and in July 2018 he moved to Arsenal for around £7 million. 

In FM 19 Guendouzi is a very good possession midfielder. He can move the ball quickly and accurately (15 vision, 15 passing, 15 technique) and has good physical traits (15 stamina, 14 acceleration, 13 pace). He can also win the ball back (13 tackling, 12 marking) and has strong mental attributes too (16 teamwork, 15 work rate, 15 anticipation, 14 determination).

Alban Lafont (CA 132 - PA Range 150-180)

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Age: 19


Position: GK

Club: Fiorentina

Best Attributes: Jumping (17), Reflexes  (16), Determination (15)

Value: £5 million

Wage: £19,250 a week

Alban Lafont started with youth side AS Lattoise before moving to Toulouse in 2014. He got his Ligue 1 debut in November 2015. He went on to make over 100 appearances for Toulouse before making a €7 million move to Fiorentina in August of 2018.

In FM 19 Lafont has some terrific physical attributes (17 jumping, 15 natural fitness, 15 stamina, 14 agility) to back up solid goalkeeping skills (16 reflexes, 14 one on ones, 13 handling). He is also mentally strong for a teenage keeper (15 determination, 14 concentration, 13 composure, 13 positioning).

Claudio Gomes (CA 100 - PA Range 150-180)

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Age: 17


Position: DM

Club: Manchester City

Best Attributes: Natural Fitness (15), Aggression (15), Work Rate (14)

Value: £575,000

Wage: £20,000 a week

Claudio Gomes started his career with Paris Saint-Germain, making just one appearance for the reserves before moving to Manchester City after his contract with PSG expired this summer.

In FM 19 Gomes has good physical traits (15 natural fitness, 14 agility, 13 pace) and some solid mental attributes (15 aggression, 14 work rate, 14 bravery, 13 teamwork). That is combined with decent ball-winning skills (13 tackling, 9 marking) and solid ball-moving ability (13 technique, 12 first touch, 12 passing).

Willem Geubbels (CA 106 - PA Range 150-180)

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Age: 16


Position: AM (L), ST

Club: Monaco

Best Attributes: Flair (15), Pace (14), Natural Fitness (14)

Value: £675,000

Wage: £8,000 a week

Willem Geubbels joined Lyon in 2010 at the age of 9 and rose through their youth academy to make his Ligue 1 debut with the senior team in September 2017. He only played a handful of games for Lyon before making a €20 million move to Monaco in June 2018.

In FM 19 Geubbels has well-developed physical traits (14 pace, 14 natural fitness, 14 jumping, 14 acceleration) and mental attributes (15 flair, 14 determination, 12 work rate, 12 off the ball). He is also solid in front of goal (12 first touch, 12 finishing, 11 long shots).

Amine Gouiri (CA 108 - PA Range 150-180)

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Age: 18


Position: ST

Club: OL

Best Attributes: Natural Fitness (14), Finishing (14), Dribbling (13)

Value: £800,000

Wage: £7,500 a week

Amine Gouiri is another Lyon product. He joined the club at the age of 13 and came up through the ranks to make his reserves debut when he was 17. He got his first team debut in November 2017 and has played a handful of games for Lyon so far.

In Football Manager 2019 Gouiri is already a good striker (14 finishing, 13 first touch, 11 long shots). He has decent physical traits (14 natural fitness, 13 agility, 13 balance) and has pretty good mental attributes too (13 off the ball, 13 composure, 13 determination). Gouiri can move the ball well in possession too (13 technique, 12 passing).

All the best French wonderkids on Football Manager 2019

Name Pos Club Age CA PA/PA Range Value Wage
Kylian MbappéAM (R), STParis SG19173196£71m£325k
Dayot UpamecanoD (C)RB Leipzig19135172£6.75m£41.5k
Mickaël CuisanceAM (C), M (C)Borussia M'gladbach18125168£4.3m£26k
Houssem AouarAM (C), M (C)OL19136165£8.25m£24k
Dan-Axel ZagadouD (C)Borussia Dortmund19126157£4.6m£4k
Matteo GuendouziDM, M (C)Arsenal19133155£17.5m£40k
Alban LafontGKFiorentina19132>150£5m£19k
Claudio GomesDMMan City17100>150£575k£20k
Willem GeubbelsAM (L), STAS Monaco16106>150£675k£8k
Amine GouiriSTOL18108>150£800k£7.5k
Ibrahima KonatéD (C)RB Leipzig19124147£3.8m£17.25k
Malang SarrD (LC)OGC Nice19124>140£3m£8.25k
Myziane MaolidaAM (LR), STOGC Nice19118>140£1.6m£13.5k
Yacine AdliAM (RC), M (C)Paris SG17100>140£350k£4.7k
Maxence CaqueretDM, M (C)OL18100>140£350k£5.5k
Loïc Mbe SohD (C)Paris SG1794>130£225k£2.4k
Yan ValeryD (R)Southampton19105>130£675k£2k
Moussa DiabyAM (LR)Paris SG18110>130£900k£8.75k
Boubacar KamaraD (C), DMOM18115>130£3.3m£5.25k
Kays RuizAM (L)Paris SG1578>130£81k£60
Sofiane DiopAM (RC)AS Monaco18104>130£575k£5.5k
Batista MendyD (C), DMFC Nantes1892>130£195k£2.1k
Amadou TraoréAM (R)Bordeaux1678>130£81k£1.1k
Titouan ThomasAM (C)OL1682>130£110k£975
Stanley NsokiD (LC), DMParis SG19106>130£625k£6.25k
Moussa SyllaAM (LR), STAS Monaco18107>130£725k£7.5k
TheoAM (C), M (C)R. Madrid1666>130£23.5k£325k
Thomas BasilaD (C), DMFC Nantes1996>130£250k£2.5k
Jules KoundéD (C)Bordeaux19124>130£3m£8.75k
Abdoulaye DaboM (C)FC Nantes1792>130£205k£1.9k
Evan N'DickaD (C)Eintracht Frankfurt18119>130£28m£8.5k
Yann KaramohAM (R), STBordeaux19128>130£5.25m£32k
Rafik GuitaneAM (C), M (C)Rennes19109>130£850k£9.5k
Georginio RutterAM (LR), STRennes1687>130£150k£1.2k
Aurélien TchouameniM (C)Bordeaux18105>130£600k£4.9k
Yann GbohoAM (C), M (C)Rennes1790>130£180k£2.1k
Khephren ThuramDM, M (C)AS Monaco1788>130£125k£1.2k
William BiandaD (C)Roma1896>130£235k£25.5k
Flavien BoyomoD (C)Blackburn1657134£24.5k£110