Football Manager 2019: Best Young Right Backs

It’s tough to find a good full back, but if you buy young you don’t have to worry about it for a decade. Here are ALL the best young right backs in FM19.

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

Full backs can be incredibly difficult to find in FM19. The quality ones are often already signed to the biggest teams around and quality young prospects often end up being deployed further up the field. Buying older right backs is one way to solve the problem, but that can be highly expensive and is something you’d need to do every few years. Instead, why not just make one big investment in a young player that can solve the position for a decade or more?

How to choose the best young right backs in Football Manager 2019

This article is looking at the best young right backs in FM 19. These players are natural at either right back or right wing back and aged 23 or younger. These players all have a current ability of at least 130 and can produce quality football at the position for a long time to come. They won’t be cheap though, but one big investment and you won’t have to worry about the position for a long time. 

For a full list of ALL the best young right backs see the table at the bottom of the page.

Joshua Kimmich (CA 158 – PA 169)

Age: 23

Position: D (R), WB (R), DM

Club: Bayern Munich

Country: Germany

Best Attributes: Teamwork (18), Stamina (18), Work Rate (17)

Value: £40 million

Wage: £140,000 a week

Joshua Kimmich came up through the Stuttgart youth system but joined RB Leipzig in 2013 where he made his professional debut. He played over 50 games for them before making a £5 million move to Bayern Munich in 2015 where he immediately became a star for them at both right back and occasionally in midfield. He has already won over 30 caps for Germany.

In FM 19 Kimmich is a magnificent player. His strength is in his mental attributes (18 teamwork, 17 work rate, 17 determination) which are remarkably well-developed for a young player. On the ball he is terrific (15 crossing, 14 passing, 14 technique) and can produce up the field while holding his own defensively (14 tackling, 12 marking).

Hector Bellerin (CA 151 – PA 162)

Age: 23

Position: D (R), WB (R)

Club: Arsenal

Country: Spain

Best Attributes: Acceleration (20), Pace (19), Work Rate (16)

Value: £31.5 million

Wage: £110,000 a week

Hector Bellerin was part of Barcelona’s youth system but signed his first professional contract with Arsenal in 2011. He made his debut with The Gunners in 2013 and has already racked up over 100 appearances as he quickly became the regular starting right back for the London club.

In FM 19 Bellerin’s greatest strength is his speed (20 acceleration, 19 pace). It allows him to race up and down the flank where he can play well both defensively (14 tackling, 12 marking) and with the ball at his feet (14 technique, 13 dribbling, 12 crossing, 11 passing).

Alvaro Odriozola  (CA 149 – PA 163)

Age: 22

Position: D (R)

Club: Real Madrid

Country: Spain

Best Attributes: Pace (18), Stamina (17), Acceleration (16)

Value: £13 million

Wage: £62,000 a week

Alvaro Odriozola came up through the Real Sociedad youth system, making his senior debut with the reserves in September 2013. He made his first-team debut in January 2017 and soon racked up 50 appearances for the first team until Real Madrid made a big €35 million move for him in 2018.

Odriozola is another pacy right back in Football Manager 2019 (18 pace, 16 acceleration). He is good on the ball (15 technique, 14 first touch, 14 dribbling) and can play up the pitch (13 crossing, 12 passing) and without the ball (13 tackling, 13 marking).

Trent Alexander-Arnold (CA 146 – PA 170)

Age: 19

Position: D (R), WB (R), AM (R), M (R)

Club: Liverpool

Country: England

Best Attributes:

Value: £35 million

Wage: £40,000 a week

Trent Alexander-Arnold has only ever played for Liverpool. He joined them at the age of six and rose through their ranks to make his debut in 2016 at 18 years old. He has now made over 30 appearances for Liverpool and made his way to the England side too, winning his first cap this year.

In FM 19 Alexander-Arnold already has very good mental attributes for someone so young (16 determination, 15 teamwork, 15 work rate) and is a good athlete too (15 pace, 15 acceleration, 13 stamina). He is solid defensively (14 tackling, 12 marking) and good coming forward too (15 crossing, 14 first touch, 14 technique, 13 passing).

Valentino Lazaro (CA 144 – PA 155)

Age: 22

Position: D (R), WB (R), AM (R), M (R)

Club: Hertha BSC

Country: Austria

Best Attributes: Dribbling (15), Acceleration (15), Technique (15)

Value: £8.5 million

Wage: £20,500 a week

Valentino Lazaro began his career with Red Bull Salzburg, coming through their youth system and becoming the youngest Austrian Bundesliga player ever when he made his debut at 16 years old in 2012. He played five years with Salzburg before he made a loan move to Hertha Berlin, which was made permanent for £6 million in 2018.

Lazaro is a solid right back already in FM 19. He is a good athlete (15 acceleration, 14 pace, 14 stamina) who is very capable coming forward (15 dribbling, 15 technique, 13 passing). Defensively Lazaro still has some improvement to make (11 tackling, 8 marking) but he has good mental attributes to help with that growth (15 flair, 14 work rate, 14 vision).

Kevin Mbabu (CA 142 – PA 154)

Age: 23

Position: D (R)

Club: Young Boys

Country: Switzerland

Best Attributes: Stamina (17), Work Rate (16), Pace (16)

Value: £7.5 million

Wage: £6,500 a week

Kevin Mbabu started his football career with Servette in Switzerland. In 2013 he made a move to Newcastle but only made three appearances and spent 2016/17 on loan with Young Boys, a move that became permanent in the summer of 2017.

In FM 19 Mbabu has good speed (16 pace, 14 acceleration) and can run all day (17 stamina). He has good mental attributes already (16 work rate, 15 bravery, 14 teamwork, 14 determination). He’s solid defensively (14 tackling, 13 marking) and can really be an influence coming forward too (14 crossing, 13 passing).

Rick Karsdorp (CA 139 – PA 154)

Age: 23

Position: D (R), WB (R)

Club: Roma

Country: Holland

Best Attributes: Work Rate (18), Stamina (17), Off The Ball (16)

Value: £9.75 million

Wage: £48,000 a week

Rick Karsdorp rose through the ranks of Feyenoord, joining them when he was nine and then making his debut in 2014. He played nearly 80 games for Feyenoord before making a €14 million move to Roma in 2017. He is yet to break into the Roma first team though.

In FM 19 Karsdorp is a good athlete (17 stamina, 15 pace, 13 acceleration). He is already strong mentally (18 work rate, 16 off the ball, 15 bravery) and is well balanced between attack (14 crossing, 13 passing) and defence (13 marking, 12 tackling).

Benjamin Henrichs (CA 139 – PA 165)

Age: 21

Position: D (RL)

Club: Monaco

Country: Germany

Best Attributes: Natural Fitness (15), Teamwork (15), Passing (14)

Value: £8.25 million

Wage: £41,500 a week

Benjamin Henrichs started his career with Bayer Leverkusen, coming up through their youth system to make his debut in September 2015 and soon became a regular. He made an £18 million move to Monaco this summer.

In FM 19 Henrichs is incredibly versatile, capable of playing on either flank and in the middle of the field. He has solid speed (14 pace, 13 acceleration) and good mental attributes (15 team work, 14 determination). He is good on the ball (14 passing, 14 technique, 13 dribbling) and defensively (13 tackling, 12 marking)

Davide Calabria (CA 136 – PA 158)

Age: 21

Position: D (RL), WB (R), M (R)

Club: Milan

Country: Italy

Best Attributes: Natural Fitness (16), Teamwork (16), Determination (16)

Value: £8 million

Wage: £35,000 a week

Davide Calabria has come up through the AC Milan youth system after joining them when he was 9. He made his Serie A debut in May 2015. He has made nearly 50 appearances for Milan to date and has also made 17 appearances for the Italy Under-21 side.

In FM 19 Calabria has some good mental attributes already (16 teamwork, 16 determination, 15 work rate) and solid athleticism (16 natural fitness, 15 acceleration, 14 pace). He is good defensively (14 tackling, 13 marking) but not yet a star coming forward (14 crossing, 12 passing).

Kenny Tete (CA 136 – PA 151)

Age: 22

Position: D (R), WB (R)

Club: Olympique Lyonnais

Country: Holland

Best Attributes: Tackling (18), Marking (15), Stamina (15)

Value: £6.5 million

Wage: £29,000 a week

Kenny Tete came up through the Ajax youth system, making his debut with the first team in February 2015. He ended up playing 30 games with Ajax before making a £3.5 million move to Lyon in Summer 2017.

In FM 19 Tete has good athleticism (15 natural fitness, 15 stamina, 14 pace, 14 acceleration). He is fantastic defensively (18 tackling, 15 marking) but less gifted coming forward (12 passing, 11 crossing)

All the best young right backs on Football Manager 2019

Name Pos Club Country Age CA PA Value Wage
Joshua Kimmich D (R), WB (R), DM FC Bayern Germany 23 158 169 £40m £140k
Héctor Bellerín D (R), WB (R) Arsenal Spain 23 151 162 £31.5m £110k
Álvaro Odriozola D (R) R. Madrid Spain 22 149 163 £13m £62k
Trent Alexander-Arnold D (R), WB (R), DM, M (RC) Liverpool England 19 146 170 £35m £40k
Valentino Lazaro D (R), WB (R), AM (R), M (R) Hertha BSC Austria 22 144 155 £8.5m £20.5k
Kevin Mbabu D (R) Young Boys Switzerland 23 142 154 £7.5m £6.5k
Rick Karsdorp D (R), WB (R) Roma Holland 23 139 154 £9.75m £48k
Benjamin Henrichs D (RL) AS Monaco Germany 21 139 165 £8.25m £41.5k
Davide Calabria D (RL), WB (R), M (R) Milan Italy 21 136 158 £8m £35k
Kenny Tete D (R), WB (R) OL Holland 22 136 151 £6.5m £29k
Achraf Hakimi D (R), WB (R) Borussia Dortmund Morocco 19 134 159 £7m £26k
Pablo Maffeo D (R), WB (R) VfB Stuttgart Spain 20 134 156 £6.75m £26k
William D (R), WB (R) VfL Wolfsburg Brazil 23 133 148 £6m £34k
Nordi Mukiele D (RC) RB Leipzig France 20 133 156 £3.4m £52k
Léo Dubois D (R), WB (R) OL France 23 133 141 £7.5m £20.5k
Jeremy Toljan D (RL), WB (RL) Borussia Dortmund Germany 23 132 146 £3.6m £52k
Denzel Dumfries D (RC), WB (R) PSV Holland 22 132 144 £3.8m £10.5k
Almamy Touré D (RC) AS Monaco Mali 22 132 152 £4.5m £23.5k
Tin Jedvaj D (RC), WB (R) Bayer 04 Croatia 22 131 155 £4.4m £26k
Pol Lirola D (R), WB (R) Sassuolo Spain 20 131 158 £5.25m £11.5k
Fabricio Bustos D (R), WB (R), M (R) Independiente Argentina 22 131 151 £6.5m £9.75k
Timothy Castagne D (R), WB (R) Atalanta Belgium 22 131 149 £5.75m £13.75k
Lukas Klostermann D (RLC), WB (R) RB Leipzig Germany 22 130 151 £6.5m £26k
Leonardo Godoy D (R), WB (R) Talleres Cba. Argentina 23 130 139 £2.8m £3.9k
Timothy Fosu-Mensah D (RC), DM, M (C) Fulham Holland 20 130 140 £13.25m £20k
Callum Paterson D (R), WB (R), AM (C), M (C) Cardiff Scotland 23 130 138 £8m £22.5k
Daniel Amartey D (R), DM, M (C) Leicester Ghana 23 130 150 £10.75m £21k


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