Football Manager 19: Brazil Team Guide, Player Ratings & Tactics

Brazil are the most successful nation in world football, but the current generation has struggled to live up to the shirt. Can you take Brazil back to the top?

Toby Durant by Toby Durant

When you say “football” to someone it is more likely than not that the image they will conjure is one of a yellow shirt, blue shorts, and beautiful attacking passes. Brazil have been an ever-present at the top of world football, winning their first World Cup in 1958 and defending their title in 1962. They won a third in 1970, a fourth in 1994 and a record fifth in 2002. They have won 8 Copa America’s and 4 Confederations Cups as well, all while producing some of the most iconic players to ever grace a field.

However, in recent years Brazil have fallen behind the European powers. They have made one World Cup semi-final since that 2002 triumph. It came in 2014 when they hosted the tournament and ended in the utter embarrassment of a 7-1 defeat to eventual winners Germany. They haven’t made a Copa America semi-final this decade.

Brazil are still producing amazingly talented players, but the results have not been there to match it. Football Manager 19 gives you the opportunity to take over the reins of the Brazilian national side and bring them back to the top of world football. RealSport has everything you need to know about the Brazil national job.

Expectations & Philosophies

Be sure to open up the “Advanced Setup” option when you are setting up your new game. Just jumping straight in will having you taking over in November 2017, with 320 days until your first game. If you add England as a playable league then you can start at the end of June 2018 as normal.

Brazil do not lay out any expectations for you when you take over the job, nor do they have any philosophies they wish you to follow. However, this is only because the 2019 Copa America is a little too far away. Once it gets scheduled in October 2018 you will be expected to lead Brazil to victory, especially since they are hosting the competition.

Brazil only has one game scheduled, the Superclasico against Argentina in October, so make sure you pull up your fixtures and schedule some friendlies in the available dates.

Tactical style

Brazil’s quality on the ball and depth in talent at nearly every position means they can run basically whatever tactical style you want to try. Control possession will be useful for when you want to be more cautious against teams, and vertical tiki-taka is also a strong option, but given the athleticism up front and the overall ball-winning quality of the midfield the gegenpress tactic seems like the best fit. This asks for passing into space at a high tempo while on the ball and an immediate pressing effort to win it back.


With all the talent Brazil have up front and the quality of the defensive midfielders they have a 4-2-3-1 formation makes the most sense for the majority of games.

Alisson will start in goal, with a back four of Danilo, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, and Marcelo. The central midfield pair of Casemiro and Fabinho offer plenty of ball-winning and ball-playing skill. The advanced trio of Neymar, Philippe Coutinho, and Gabriel Jesus will support the single striker Roberto Firmino.

When the game is a little more in doubt you should drop the central attacking midfielder and bring in a true defensive midfielder. In this case removing Gabriel Jesus from the lineup, dropping Casemiro to the DM role and bringing in Arthur to provide more solidity to the central area.

Key Players

Brazil have produced a number of all-time great players over the last 60 years, can some of the current generation enter their names in the pantheons of Brazilian greats?

Neymar – CA 4.5 star (189), PA 4.5 star (194)

Neymar is the current poster boy of Brazilian football. He came up through Santos’ youth system and made his professional debut at the age of 17. He immediately caught the eyes of the world by helping Santos win two successive championships as well as the 2011 Copa Libertadores, their first since 1963. In May 2013 he made a massive move, suspected to be €57 million, to Barcelona where he joined forces with Lionel Messi to form a deadly attacking threat. In August 2017 Neymar stunned everyone by making a record €222 million to Paris Saint-Germain.

In FM19 Neymar is a spectacular player. Capable of playing wide on the left or up front, Neymar is incredibly gifted on the ball with 20 dribbling, 20 technique, and 19 flair. He can create for others and score himself. His CA of 189 makes him one of the best players in the game and at 26 years old he still has a long career ahead of him.

Philippe Coutinho – CA 4 star (174), PA 4.5 star (179)

Philippe Coutinho started his career with Vasco da Gama but moved to Europe with Inter Milan in 2008. He played 5 impressive years there before moving to Liverpool and becoming a world class talent. His creativity and forward play made Liverpool a real threat, and in January 2018 he made a long-awaited €142 million move to Barcelona as their replacement for Neymar.

In FM19 Coutinho is a remarkable inside forward with terrific talent on the ball. With 18 dribbling, 18 technique, and 18 flair. He can create for others and score himself just like Neymar, giving Brazil a deadly force up front as they are so used to having.

Alisson – CA 3.5 star (172), PA 4.5 star (180)

Brazil are not known for creating amazing goalkeeper talent, but Alisson is this generation’s star. He began his career at Internacional before moving to Roma in 2016. Just two years later he made a huge €62.5 million move to Liverpool, a record fee for a goalkeeper.

In FM19 Alisson is an exceptional shot-stopper that can play with the ball at his feet too. With 18 reflexes, 17 one on ones, and 16 passing there is little that Alisson can’t do. Brazil also have Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson so you are blessed with options in net.

Young Talent

Some of Brazil’s current team are close to aging out of the international game. Who are the potential stars of the future that could be key parts of Brazil’s next great team?

Eder Militao – CA 2.5 star (150), PA 5 star (161)

With several important centre backs well into their 30s now, by the time of the next World Cup you will likely need a new partner for Marquinhos in your back four. Enter Eder Militao. The FCP man may only be 20 but he is already a well developed player. While Militao is listed as a right back, he is also a natural at centre back. With 15 pace, 15 marking, and 16 anticipation he is already a quality option at centre back and will make a good partner for Marquinhos.

Vinicius Junior – CA 2.5 star (136), PA 5 star (160-190)

Forward players are Brazil’s forte, and Vinicius Junior looks set to be the next world class attacker the country produces. Already at Real Madrid, Vinicius has made 15 La Liga appearances for them this season and is starting to make a real impact despite their struggles. In FM19 the teenager has heaps of potential with that 160-190 PA range. He has 16 acceleration, 16 technique, and 16 dribbling already, and with long years at a quality club ahead of him he will develop quickly.

Rodrygo – CA 2 star (130), PA 5 star (160-190)

Another future star is winger Rodrygo. He will be joining Real Madrid in July 2019 which may hamper his development as he will be behind Vinicius Junior in the pecking order. However, the teenager is already well equipped. With 16 agility, 15 dribbling, and 15 first touch he has quality on the ball and with a PA range of 160-190 he could become one of the best players in the world.

Ideal Squad

Player Pos Age Club CA/PA Value
Alisson GK 25 Liverpool 172/180 £49m
Ederson GK 24 Man City 164/180 £39m
Neto GK 28 Valencia 149/154 £11.25m
Daniel Alves D (R)
WB (R)
M (R)
35 PSG 159/174 £4.2m
Danilo D (RL)
26 Man City 150/152 £22.5m
Marquinhos D (C)
24 PSG 161/170 £48m
Thiago Silva D (C) 33 PSG 164/174 £24m
Luis Felipe D (C) 21 Lazio 136/155 £8.5m
Eder Militao D (RC)
WB (R)
20 FCP 150/170 £20m
Alex Sandro D (L)
WB (L)
M (L)
27 Juventus 161/168 £45.5m
Marcelo D (L)
WB (L)
M (L)
30 Real Madrid 162/166 £51m
Fabinho D (R)
M (C)
24 Liverpool 156/164 £42m
Casemiro DM
M (C)
26 Real Madrid 160/167 £49.5m
Fernandinho DM
M (C)
33 Man City 165/165 £32.5m
Lucas Paqueta M (C)
20 AC Milan 145/170 £30.5m
Arthur DM
M (C)
AM (C)
21 Barcelona 155/175 £32m
Allan DM
M (C)
27 Napoli 160/164 £49.5m
Vinicius Junior AM (L)
17 Real Madrid 136/160-190 £6m
Gabriel Barbosa AM (L)
ST (C)
21 FLA 130/160-190 £10.5m
Philippe Coutinho M (C)
26 Barcelona 174/179 £69m
Roberto Firmino AM (RLC)
ST (C)
26 Liverpool 172/175 £67m
Gabriel Jesus AM (RL)
ST (C)
21 Man City 159/175 £46.5m
Neymar M (L)
ST (C)
26 PSG 189/194 £94m

Bring back #6

By the time Brazil take the field in Qatar in 2022 it will have been 20 years since their last World Cup victory. Ending that drought is your aim. To get there you will have to do very well at the 2019 Copa America or you’ll be shown the door. Getting Brazil back to the top of world football won’t be easy, while they do have superstar players there are some weaknesses to the squad, with a limited number midfielders that can truly link the defensive talent to the forwards it can be tricky to maintain possession and create a good flow of opportunities. With key players like Dani Alves and Thiago Silva departing the national team soon and the lack of a physical presence up front claiming victory in the 2022 World Cup will be a difficult task.


Toby Durant